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A Review of ~ Tinker Bell: An Evolution Part 3 or 3

A Review of ~ Tinker Bell: An Evolution
By Mindy Johnson
Forward by John Lasseter
Act III of III

“I believe you’re going to like Tinker Bell . . . we fell in love with her . . .”
~ Walt Disney ~

“I believe if you love Tinker Bell you will enjoy this book!”
~ PrankingPixie ~

I am a huge Tinker Bell fan, as if you could not guess that by my blog and screen name. I’ve always been fascinated by her and identified with her feisty ways and feminine wiles. So when I heard about this book I knew I wanted it for my collection. This book was just released October 8th, 2013.

Reading experience: This is a quick “read” but is something you will enjoy looking at over and over again and taking your time with. The text is punctuated by beautiful pictures sharing the development and history of Tinker Bell. It is a book I see myself going back too again and again.

This book has so many interesting things to learn and see I’m going to break it up into 3 separate posts for ease of reading.

Again I must say thank you to Laura at Disney Publishing for sending me this book to review.

The book is set up as a 3 Act “Play”.
Act I shares Tink’s origin and travels from stage to cinema.
Act II shares how Walt Disney saw Tinker Bell and how she developed. In this “act” are the storyboards, some used some not and development sketches that lead to her final form. Also in Act II is Tink’s Film Debut.
Act III is about where Tink has gone before and where the Impish Icon is going from here.

I highly suggest this book for any Peter Pan, Tinker Bell or just Disney Fan out there. It is a great snapshot into JM Barrie, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Disney history and how a Disney character is developed.

That is it for the “No Spoilers” part of my review! Now for sharing what I found out! Read on if you wish or go get the book!! (Purchasing information, such as the ISBN # and links to the book on will be at the end of this post.

Act III’s review:

Tinker Bell was a Pitch Pixie for many products. Even before she made her debut in Peter Pan she was selling Peter Pan Peanut Butter, TVs and even cars! She was used in the opening of Disney TV shows and often shared the screen with Walt Disney.

August 1st of 1958 Walt Disney watched as the first flesh-and-bones Tinker Bell took flight over the Hollywood Bowl in a Disney Sponsored event: “Disneyland Comes to Hollywood Bowl”. 4 ft 10 in Tiny Kline dressed up as the playful pixie and flew over the audience. Kline was a dancer but gained her fame in 1924 as part of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Combined Shows. She used her “iron jaw” to hang above the crowd.

During the summer of 1961, 3 years after flying over the Hollywood Bowl Kline reprised her role of Tinker Bell, this time at Disneyland flying off of the Matterhorn Mountain and over Cinderella’s Castle. She was 70 years old. Her flight took her down a 784 foot long cable and would signal the launch of the nightly fireworks. Tiny Kline was Tinker Bell for 3 summers. She died in 1964 at the age of 73 of cancer.

“I can actually feel the thousands staring at me from the sea of faces below.
Every night when the searchlights come up to pick out Tinker Bell,
then, up there on the mountain I’m young again.”
~ Tiny Kline, recalling being Tinker Bell ~

Judy Kaye took up Tinker Bell’s wand in 1965. She was the daughter of Terrell Jacobs – Ringling Brother’s renowned lion tamer. Her mother had trained many animals featured in Walt’s early live-action films.

Many have memories of watching Tink fly over the castle at Disneyland. I’m sure if you have been to Disneyland you have yours. Richard Sherman shares his memory in this book. Richard and his wife were walking down Main Street after the fireworks one night when they noticed Walt walking alone down Main Street toward the exit. Wanting to thank their host for such a memorable day, the Shermans approached Walt and gushed about their favorite experiences, especially the amazing fireworks display with Tinker Bell actually flying across the night sky.
“I’ll never forget it, Walt wiped a tear from his eye and said,
‘Yep . . . it gets me every time!’”
~ Richard Sherman ~

Tink has been published in comic books back in the 1950’s and currently is in various storybooks. Gail Carson Levine has written several books, Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, Fairies and the Quest for Never Land and In the Realm of the Never Fairies and The World of Fairies. All of the adventures center around Pixie Hallow where the fairies live.

Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson tell how Tinker Bell came to be and why she is so attached to Peter Pan in their book Peter and the Starcatchers, the first of the Peter and the Starcatcher series of novels.

Disney decided to further explore the Pixie Hallow publications of Levine and made a series of direct to home DVD release movies. In these stories the voice of Tinker Bell can finally be heard. Tink is voiced by Mae Whitman.
“Our Tink is sharp-tongued-although fortunately only
Peter understands her-and often quite funny.”
~ Dave Barry ~

Tinker Bell has become an Impish Icon and has become part of the world’s cultural history.

Here is a link to my first two post about this book:

Links and information on the book:
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Barns & Noble

ISBN #: 978-1-4231-7201-7

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