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Open Letter To Disneyland

Open Letter To Disneyland

If you are as unhappy as I am about the price increase at Disneyland Resort may I suggest and request you join in and send a letter to Disneyland.

It has been my experience that when people gather together and make their wishes known often (not always) Disneyland Management and Corporate listens. Here is my letter that I am sending to Disneyland via their website. May I suggest you going in and send a letter as well. Feel free to use any of the information you find in my letter to format your own.

You can send your letter to Disneyland online by going to their website.

Dear Sirs

In regards to your price increases. While it is understandable you need to pay for the expansion of DCA and the extensive renovations in DL I know many feel the new prices have too sharp an increase. The price hike in the one day pass is bad at $7 or just 9% but is what I’ve come to expect of Disney on an annual basis. The price increase of the Premium Annual Pass is really is really harsh at $150 or 30%. Over the past few years you have been raising it $50 per year or so and that was bad enough. What added insult to the injury is the fact that a Premium Annual Pass at WDW is only $20.19 more than the DLR Premium Annual Pass. What is up with that? They have 4 parks, 2 water parks and many resorts and other areas that that pass covers on 47 square miles. DLR has 2 parks and 3 hotels on around 1 mile.

May I suggest you rethink your price hike! Think about the current economic climate. You are raising your price at a rate that is way above the rate of other things (other than gas). Add that paychecks are not going up at the same rate and many can’t afford to go. Many that could afford a ticket (of any level) to the park will now not be able to go at all costing you revenue.

I know for sure the rate of increase is not due to a lack of guests walking into the park and spending money. All of your U.S. parks are busier than ever and the amount of people in the park keeps growing. It used to be we could go during the “off season” and not see large crowds. Now there is no off season! There are just crowded and more crowded seasons.

I can only think of a couple of reasons you are raising AP rates this much.

1.      You feel the APs are costing you money by coming more often than you thought they would. You want to cut the number of AP holders you have drastically because you feel you do not earn enough revenue from us.

2.      You know we love the park and will not easily give up the privilege of going so you are greedy and trying to get the most you can out of us.

3.      By soaking us you make the APs pay lion’s share of the refurbishment and additions to the parks. (Seems to me the biggest increases are right before and after an expansion).

You claim you are adding hours and entertainment along with Cars Land. May I point out your “bragging” that DL will open at 8am during the summer is no big deal as DL usually opens at 8am during the summer. Yes, DCA is opening earlier but you will be getting more guests there than you typically have in the past because you will finally have a good draw. You will be making up the cost by the added guests coming to see all the new attractions.

Consider that the majority of people that are APs come often and SPEND lots of money purchasing Disney clothing, collectables and eating in the parks. APs also bring many non AP people for visits to the park. By raising the price this much many will not be able to renew and you will lose money in the long run because these loyal people will not only stop coming they will no longer encourage others to go. You will also lose money because those that do renew will no longer be able to afford to purchase all the things they did. Fewer meals and merchandise sales will result from this price hike.

The Disney Corporation tries to hold itself up as a kind company that understands the needs, wants and desires of their guests. You pride yourself on giving top value for the dollar spent. If you broke down the value of Annual Pass per mile WDW pass holders pay $14 per mile while DLR pass holders pay $649. Break it down by parks and WDW pass holders pay $111.53 per park (including water parks). DLR pass holders pay $324.50 and the parks are much smaller. How does that make DLR a great value? It does NOT.

Please reconsider this price hike. Instead increase the price a reasonable amount that normal people can afford. Please keep Disneyland the most Magical Place on earth. Bring the price back down to a reasonable level!

Carolyn Hoagland

Disney Fan and Unofficial Disney Blogger

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