Monday, May 21, 2012

Disney World Ticket Prices Raised

Disney World Ticket Prices Raised

Quietly and without the large announcement made about the rise in the price of a Disneyland Annual Pass Disney World raised prices as well.

Looking at their website I found some interesting things. The first is WDW does not seem to have the variety of multi-day passes that DLR does. At least they do not as clearly post prices as DLR does. I found that the one day one park price is $3.53 more than a one day one park ticket at DLR.

I did not find the WDW site as easy to find the park ticket prices as I could on DLR’s site.

WDW did raise the price of the Annual Pass a “shocking” $22. Yes that is right folks. A whopping 3% increase! WDW raised the price $22 when DLR raised theirs $150 (30%)! Now there is a $42.19 difference between the Premium Annual Pass at WDW and DLR.

Let me clearly show what you get for the WDW Premium Annual Pass.

You get unlimited access to all 4 parks, water parks, DisneyQuest, Disney’s Golden Oaks Golf and the ESPN Zone on event days. It also includes parking, newsletters, special events and discounts.

Now here is what you get at DLR with a Premium Annual Pass.

You get unlimited access to the 2 parks of the resort. It also includes parking, discounts, newsletter and special events.

In my opinion this is not right. The value is not equal between the two. WDW has so much more to offer its Annual Passholders. The locals support DLR and come often. A good number only come 6 or 7 days in a year and the pass the Annual Pass made it worth it. A large portion of APs only come for a few hours and they come often for diner and shopping. Yes the Annual Passholders come to SPEND. With parking and discounts it was a fantastic value.

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