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Disneyland's Response to my Letter On Recent Price Increase

Disneyland’s Response to My Letter On Recent Price Increase

If you go to this link you will be able to read my letter to Disneyland about the outrageous price increase.

This is Disneyland response. I've removed my last name and the name of the person at DLR that responded.

Dear Ms. -----:

Thank you for your e-mail to the DISNEYLAND® Resort. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

Our decision to modify our pricing structure is always based on a review of the local marketplace. We believe that the prices at the DISNEYLAND® Resort realistically reflect the costs involved in presenting a quality "show" to our Guests. We also believe that the entertainment, food, merchandise, and attractions offered are the best available for the prices charged. Please be assured that our Guests' impressions are important to us and your comments will receive careful consideration during our ongoing pricing reviews.

Disneyland Resort Annual Passports offer a tremendous value for Guests to experience our world-class attractions all year long, and Annual Passholders recognize the value of these tickets that pay for themselves after just a few visits.

As you may know, in just the past few years alone, we have added new attractions like Little Mermaid, World of Color, Star Tours, and Mickey’s Soundsational Parade. Now, with the expansion of DISNEY CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE® Park including 12-acre Cars Land, Buena Vista Street and the Carthay Circle Theatre just around the corner – as well as many new entertainment offerings, our Guests have even more reasons to visit us throughout the year.

Additionally, we will continue to look for ways to engage our Annual Passholders in unique ways with Passholder-exclusive amenities, entertainment and experiences. A new feature this summer just for passholders is the Early Entry program which will allow passholders to visit each park one time during the summer before the park opens to the general public.

And of course please keep in mind that Annual Passes are just one of the ways Guests can experience our parks. We have other promotional ticket offers and vacation packages in the market from time to time, like this year’s 2 days for $99 offer.

Again, thank you for contacting us. Comments such as yours are welcomed in that they assist us in evaluating our operation. We hope you will have the opportunity to visit the DISNEYLAND® Resort again soon and that our Cast Members, attractions and entertainment will help you create magical memories for you and your loved ones.


Guest Communications

Well, nice letter right? You think so? I don’t. First off I’m a Mrs. not a Ms. To me that is an insult when they specifically asked for my choice of Mr., Ms., Miss or Mrs. I specifically chose Mrs.

Second they did not address the fact that the WDW Premium Annual Pass and the Disneyland Premium Annual Pass are almost the same price. They did not even mention the fact that WDW has nine different places their Passholders can go while DLR has only two.

I’m sorry that shows me they did not realistically look at the value very well. Either they are grossly undercharging for WDW passes or they are obscenely overcharging for DLR. I feel they are overcharging for DLR.

They brag about all the added entertainment and extra hours. Wait a moment! Only DCA will add hours, 2-4 hours per day. DL has had the same summer hours for years. They will need both more entertainment and extra hours to keep the guests happy while they are stuck in lines. They will more than make up for the expense of the entertainment and cost of extra operations with MORE GUESTS in the parks SPENDING.

They talk about “Extra AP experiences” adding value to the AP but if you are an AP you notice that most events cost extra or are just a little added to an old standard event. Even if the event is “free” Disney makes sure to get extra money from the APs by selling special event merchandise and food.

On our last visit to the resort I think I got the real answer to the 30% annual price hike on the Premium Pass. An off duty cast member said that Disney wishes to lower the number of Annual Passholders.

The reason Disney wants to lower the number of Annual Passholders is concern that the resort cannot handle the number of guests that will come during the summer peak season. The Disneyland Resort has just the two parks and if both reach capacity and are full Disney will have unhappy guests. If Disney can reduce the number of Annual Passholders they feel they can avoid some of the overcrowding this summer when Cars Land and the new Buena Vista Street open. Wait!! Disney did not foresee the possibility of overcrowding until now?

I think Disney could have handled this better by choosing to stop selling new Annual Passes a couple of years ago and only renewing existing passes. Disneyland has become dependent on the income generated by the over one million Annual Passholders. Now they want to force them out of the parks. They want to make the AP pay for their bad planning. I think for now they should stop selling new APs and only renew. Yes, I feel a reasonable increase in price of 8-10% or so is warranted. Other than that I don’t have any idea for a quick fix.

I think the decision to force APs out is a bad choice. APs do more than just buy a pass and come into the park day after day for free. In truth most APs only use their pass once or twice a month at most. The average AP I know uses their pass 5-10 days a year. APs tell others about how good a value DLR is. APs bring friends and family into the parks and those people buy tickets. APs may come in for a few hours and then go home but in that short time they spend, often coming in for dinner or to shop.

By hitting the APs with such a high increase Disney is facing a backlash that will hit their bottom line. Many that have an AP will no longer be able to afford to renew, as Disney intended. Many can renew will but now will not be able to afford to spend as they did before, no more dinner in the park but just a walk instead, no more Disney shirts or other goodies. All will complain about the prices and tell friends and family making more than a few that may have considered coming not come at all. Disney Magic Moments lost and Pixie Dust tarnished.

If you are an AP, have considered purchasing an AP or even a diehard fan that wishes you could have a pass I suggest you write a letter. Let Disneyland know how you feel about the price increase!

I will be honest, I see only one solution to Disney’s concern about the park filling up. It is not cheap or easy but I think Disney needs to find a way to expand the park. Either bite the bullet and purchase some of the businesses around the park and build another park there or find land away from DLR and build another park. Either way would reduce the overcrowding at the park and give people an alternative if the park has to close due to being full.


  1. Great Article. I agree wholeheartedly. I was told too they wanted to decrease the number of Annual Passport holders. I don't think they realize that during the off months it's the APs that continue to keep the park thriving by spending money at the parks and at Downtown Disney. It's corporate greed. They realize they rather make the money on single price tickets than APs anyways.

  2. There are several followups to this post. Just check my arcives.

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