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Music All Around the Disneyland Resort!

Music All Around the Disneyland Resort!
Just about everywhere you go in the Disneyland Resort there is music. From the themed background recorded music loop for each area, ride and restaurant to live bands you cannot escape the happy sound of music. Disney uses music to set the mood of the area and pull you into the story. It is also there just to entertain.

In Disneyland the Dapper Dans play on Main Street and soon the Voices of Liberty will be joining them! Coke Corner has the Ragtime Piano Player to enjoy. At the end of Main Street to the left of the Castle there was the Carnation Plaza Gardens, home to Jazz bands, swing dancing and guest musical groups. It is now closed for retheming of the area into a Princess Meet and Greet. The stage will return as a evening entertainment area.

Tomorrowland has a stage that has various bands on select nights; the stage is also used for the Jedi Training Academy during the day.

New Orleans Square is “home” to many musical performers. From single musicians to full bands they wonder around NOS to entertain and delight guests. One of my favorites is the Jazz Band at the French Market. I do enjoy the Pirate band along all the other groups.

Frontierland can’t be forgotten either. You have Billy Hill and the Hillbillies with their Bluegrass comedy show at the Golden Horseshoe and Farley the Fiddler on the street of Frontierland. Both are a joy to listen too.

Around the park on busy days where there are lines or people gathered for a parade you will have other groups like the cleanup crew drummers show up and wow the crowds using trashcans and other cleaning supplies as drums.

Over at Disney California Adventure there is an entirely different set of musical entertainment set up. You have various groups that play during meal times at the Pacific Warf. Mariachi Divas are one of those groups. Over in the Paradise Pier Gardens area there is a band stand that at this time Sligo Rags and the Ellis Island Boys play at on a rotating basis. Some of the dancers from the old Carnation Plaza Gardens have moved over to DCA and are enjoying the style of the Ellis Island Boys.

Even Downtown Disney gets into the beat and on most nights has musicians around the area playing live selling their CDs. There are also restaurants and the House of Blues to step into to hear some music. Soon the displaced dancers from Disneyland’s Carnation Plaza Gardens will move to the Downtown Disney area to dance. This will only last until the new Princess Meet and Greet area is built where the Gardens use to be. A stage will be placed there for the bands and dancing will resume.

The musical styles vary from place to place according to the theme of the area and show being done. Disney does include most, but not all of the bands on the schedule they hand out when you enter the park. If one you like is not on the schedule ask a cast member and see if they can find out for you.

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