Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Disneyland Single Day Price Increase

Disneyland Single Day Price Increase

I know in the last few days there has been a lot of talk about the price increases. In particular there has been talk about the increase in the Annual Pass prices. Let’s take a moment to talk about the single day single park rate.

A single day single park rate is now $87. That is a $7 or 9% increase. That is the average annual price increase for park tickets.

For this year I think the single day single park rate increase is more than fair because there are major additions to the parks. In particular Cars Land is opening next month. That is 3 new rides with shops in a highly themed area. They also rethemed the front entrance to pull the entire park together in a single over all theme that in general takes you back to the 1920-40s.

At both parks there is additional entertainment in the way of bands. In DCA Sligo Rags and The Ellis Island Boys are in the new Paradise Gardens Band Stand. You can sit and listen to the music or get up and dance. Minnie has her own stage and show in Condor Flats across from Soarn’. The Green Army Men have a wondering show as do several other characters. The Aladdin play is still going on in the Hyperion Theater and that would still cost $75+ to see at a Broadway level theater. You get to see Aladdin as well as go on all the rides! There is the Alice Tea Party Rave dance to entertain the teens. World of Color is a joy to see at night.

Disneyland has not added or changed any rides this year but will add the Voices of Liberty to the Main Street entertainment. The Dapper Dans are still on Main Street while the Voices of Liberty will be in the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln preshow area. Farley the Fiddler, Billie Hill and the Hillbillies and The Laughing Stock Company are still entertaining around Frontierland. There are pirate and jazz bands in New Orleans and Princess Tiana may return to sing during the summer. Tomorrowland Terrace Band Stand has music every night. As usual parades, fireworks and Fantasmic are always great entertainment.

Downtown Disney has bands and street musicians to enjoy as well as shops and great restaurants. There is no ticket required to go to DTD but you will need to pay for parking. The outside entertainment is free. For now the Friday and Saturday night swing dancing is now being done in DTD near the ESPN Zone.

Now earlier I said the rate increase was fair, that does not mean I think it is wise. Looking at the current economic situation in the US and worldwide I think Disney would have done better holding firm on the prices. I think Disney can recoup the money they are spending on the refurbishment and additions to the resort by an increase in guests. Yes, you heard me an increase. With the addition of Cars Land the usually near empty DCA will finally find a draw. DCA will finally have something for everybody and will have truly put the Disney Magical touch on the park.

With the increase in ticket prices more people will not come because they can’t afford it. Those that do come will spend less in the parks. They will cut down days at the hotels, shorting stays. Day visitors will bring more meals. Fewer mementos will be purchased. This is not because people do not want to stay as long or enjoy good Disney meals and bring home sweet Disney memories. It is because people will not be able to afford it.

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