Sunday, May 6, 2012

Disneyland Hotel Pool Area

Disneyland Hotel New Pool Area

            In 2010 I was sad to hear my most favorite pool was being rethemed. The Neverland pool at the original Disneyland Hotel was being rethemed. I loved walking around that area looking at all the Neverland touches. From Captain Hook’s Jolly Roger Ship with the waterslide plank coming off its side in the main pool, to the hidden Indian Village (in miniature) on the “hill” that lead to the big waterslide I loved every touch. Why not?! It made me feel like I was walking around Neverland for real!

            For the longest time I have been wanting to check out the new Monorail Pool at the Disneyland Hotel but just could not force myself to go over there. On our last visit to Disneyland we decided to take a detour over to the Disneyland Hotel and check it out.

            We took lots of pictures from outside of the pool area but I was not happy with the quality of the pictures. After walking all the way around the outside and taking in the new look of the three towers that make up the hotel my husband got to feeling brave. He walked up to Guest Services at the Hotel Desk and asked for permission to go inside the pool area to take pictures. We told him we are reporters for Walt’s Basement ( and wanted to share how the hotel and in particular the pool had changed.
Nick waiting patiently as we took pictures.

            Nick was at Guest Services when we walked in. He quickly talked to his co-workers and made sure he was not needed for the time necessary to give us a tour of the pool area. He then took us into the pool area and told us about all the amenities and point out the best places to take pictures from. He pointed out how the new pool reflects back on the history of Disneyland.

            Nick’s tour helped take the sting of seeing such drastic changes in the Disneyland Hotel. I miss the water falls with the bridges and koi ponds. I miss the dancing water with colored lights, a precursor to World of Color and the radio controlled Jungle Cruise Boats. Nick’s joy of the history of the grand Hotel and the Disneyland Park helped me accept and in fact enjoy the changes.

            Thank you Nick for giving us such an enjoyable and informative tour!

To read more about the Disneyland Hotel Pool and see more pictures check out my article in Walt’s Basement Dateline Disney:


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