Monday, May 28, 2012

Disneyland Letter Writing

Disneyland Letter Writing

Over the last week I’ve talked a lot about the price increase in tickets at the Disneyland Resort. I’ve shared the letter I wrote to Disneyland and their response. I’m calling on all my readers to help. Please write a letter to Disneyland telling them how you feel about the price increase. Share your stories of how Disneyland has touched your lives and how the price increase affects you.

I believe it is possible to get Disney to rethink the price increase. I feel the only way to get them to do something is to have as many people as possible write letters telling them how they feel. Disney policy is they MUST respond to every letter! The more the better folks!

Here is a sample letter you can use to help you write your own letter.

You can send it to Disneyland via their website.

Dear Disneyland

Your recent Annual Passholder price increase does not seem to make sense. The fact that the Premium Annual Pass at WDW is only $42 more than a Premium Pass at DLR does not give equal value to purchasing Annual Passes at DLR.

It is not right that on the same day WDW raised their Premium Annual Pass $22 or 3% DLR raised their Premium Annual Pass $150 or 30%. Either Disney is undervaluing WDW or overvaluing DLR.

At Disneyland you have 2 parks to explore on less than 1 mile of property. At Walt Disney World there are 4 parks, 2 water parks, Golf, ESPN Zone and DisneyQuest included in the pass and you have 47 square miles to explore. How can that be valued anywhere near the same?

May I suggest you reconsider your price increase as you are going to lose Annual Passholders and therefore money. Annual Passholders not only pay for their Annual Passes they purchase food and merchandise. Annual Passholders encourage others to come and share the magic of the parks, we bring our friends and family. We tell strangers about the fun and encourage them to go to the parks. You will be losing all of that by pricing Annual Passholders out of the parks and disrespecting them with such an outrageous price increase.


If you want more information on the price increases, my letter to Disneyland, Disneyland’s response to my letter check out the following links.

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