Monday, May 7, 2012

Disneyland's Gibson Girl & Penny Arcade/Candy Palace Has Reopened!

Disneyland’s Gibson Girl & Penny Arcade/Candy Palace Has Reopened!

The Gibson Girl & Candy Palace have been closed since just after the first of the year for remodeling. It is part of a major upgrade to Disneyland’s Main Street. The Carnation Café is still closed but should be reopening soon.

            I found the changes subtle. They maintained the general feel but gave the entire area a more open feel and a better flow of traffic. Gibson Girl expanded its counter service area. There are fewer tables to sit at in the Gibson Girl and the giant Green Elephant that was part of the back of the shop seating area is gone. As is the entire back shop seating. I do hope it found a good new home or finds one soon.

Over the years there have been many changes made in the Penny Arcade. As the years have gone on there are fewer antique picture machines and other antique arcade machines. Esmeralda is still at the main entrance to the Penny Arcade to give your fortune for a quarter.

The lighting has been changed throughout the area. It is still of the classic turn of last century look but if you look closer you will see Disney has gone green and uses high efficiency lightbulbs.

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