Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lego Store at Downtown Disney ~ Disneyland Resort

Lego Store at Downtown Disney ~ Disneyland Resort

The Lego Store at Downtown Disney is a sight to behold. Outside is a display of Lego artwork that is as amazing as it is huge. When you look at them it is hard to believe they are really made of Legos!

As you walk up you see Maleficent Dragon battling it out with the prince/knight. Flame flies from Maleficent’s open mouth out down to hit the knight’s uplifted sword.

Buzz and Woody are on the other side from the door from the knight. They are blasting off and RC is going with them.

Around the corner from Buzz and Woody is Belle and the Beast.

Off around the corner from the knight is a station where you can make your own little Lego car and watch it go down the track.

Once inside the store you see Aladdin and Jasmine along with Abo riding on Carpet with Genie in the lead! There is a giant sea serpent hanging around a display where you can purchase Legos by the piece.

My husband was in seventh heaven walking around there! I had a hard time getting him out. J So if you have a few minutes or actually more than a few I suggest you stop by the Lego store and look around.

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