Monday, May 14, 2012

Agrofuture at the Disneyland Resort

Agrofuture at the Disneyland Resort

I know I’ve pointed it out before but I wanted to share again something amazing and easily overlooked at Disneyland.

When you are walking around Tomorrowland slowdown and look at the many small planters around the area. If you take the time look at the plants you will find some interesting things growing there. Most of the plants in the Tomorrowland area are eatable.

Growing along the fence to the Autopia you will find grapes. Depending on the season you may find strawberry’s, peppers of various kinds, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, rosemary, thyme and other herbs. I’ve seen crap apple trees and miniature orange and lemon trees in pots around the area as well.

Now you may wonder why Disney has food plants growing in Tomorrowland. First off Disney wanted to showcase how even in small areas food could be grown and even be used to provide beauty as well as food. They chose Tomorrowland because that area is a showcase for how we could live in the future.

I’ve been trying for years to find out what Disneyland does with the food grown in the parks. I thought maybe they fed it to the animals they keep. I was told no because most of the animals they have eat grain not fruit and vegetables. I figured they might sell or give it to Cast Members. Again I got a resounding no. After several years of asking, and often being told, “I don’t know what they do with it. Good question.” I finally found out! Disneyland donates all the foods grown in the park to local charity. Some goes to children’s homes and some to food banks. This is just one more way Disney gives back to the local community that does support it.

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