Thursday, May 24, 2012

Changes at Disney California Adventure

Changes at Disney California Adventure

Excitement builds for all the changes at DCA. For the past couple of years there have been many changes at DCA Rides have been closed and rethemed. Some rides have been taken out altogether. The entire feel of the park is changing.

Before the changes DCA was a mix of themed areas. There was Condor Flats with its aerospace inspired feel. Hollywood Backlot with its salute to all things Hollywood past and present. Bugs land was/is the Fantasyland of DCA. Bountiful Valley had a fantastic farm feel that allowed kids to explore and learn about agroculture.

Now DCA is pulling the entire park together in one overall theme. DCA is taking a step backward in time and from its entrance area of Buena Vista Street to the back of the parks Paradise Pier the feel is retro 1920-40s.

At the entrance you will find the Storytellers Statue of a young Walt and Mickey. The statue shows the enthusiasm and excitement Walt felt when he first arrived in Hollywood, Ca in 1928. Hollywood Land will have the Red Car Trolley as did Hollywood of the 40s. Many of the rides in the rest of the park harken back to the pier rides of the 1920-40s. Even the Screamer’ has the look and feeling of an old time wooden coaster. Carsland is all about the old rout 66 and will have the feel of years past.

Even the bands that play at the Paradise Gardens Band Stand are old school. There is the Ellis Island Boys with their classic Jazz. Sligo Rags has an Irish/Celtic selection that once again plays back to the 30-40s. Even the Swing Dancers that use to dance Friday and Saturday nights at the now closed Carnation Gardens come over to DCA to dance as do some Irish Folk dancers.

I can hardly wait until the transformation is finally completed in June. I am excited to see the entire park transformed and Carsland opened.

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