Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why a Disney Cruise?

Why a Disney Cruise?

You are a diehard Disney fan. Why not a Disney Cruise? Mix the elegance of the classic ocean liners of the 1940’s with the fun and whimsy of Disney! If you are not a Disney fan but want a family friendly vacation that is NOT a Disney Park then a Disney Cruise if perfect for you!
            A cruise on a Disney ship is a fantastic experience. As you board the ship your name is called, crew and other guests applaud as you step into the Main Atrium Lobby. For those who have sailed before you get a warm Welcome Home!
            Disney ships were designed to invoke the feelings of being on a grand ocean liner of the 1940’s. Beautiful wood floors and elegant Art Nouveau or Art Deco décor everywhere. You aren’t at DLR or WDW!! Yes some kids will be running around but overall it is calm.
            There are different areas on the ships for families, kids and adults. There are lots of family areas! During the day many of the lounges are ‘Family Friendly’ and a great place to find some fun. There is the Family Pool where families can swim together and watch movies while they play in the water. There is the sports deck as well where families can shoot hoops and enjoy time outside in the sun together. Evenings bring fantastic live shows or a movie for all to enjoy. All of this is included in your cruise fees.
            Children have their own areas, NOADULTS ALLOWED! From ages 3-17 there are different areas for different age groups with age appropriate games, movies, music and staffing. There are dedicated Youth activities counselors in each area. Disney characters will come in and visit and younger children can dress up to their hearts delight. All of this is no additional cost. You carry your wave phone and the counselors can call you if your child needs you.
            The adults are NOT forgotten on the Disney Cruise ships! Adults have their own Quiet Cove Pool, no kids allowed. Lounges go adult only after 9 pm. All the Disney Ships have Palos adult only restaurant and the newer ships have a second adult only restaurant, Remy’s. Both adult only restaurants cost extra. Dad can enjoy time watching his favorite team in the ESPN Sports Bar. Mom can go relax in the Spa or Salon. They do have romantic couples spa treatments as well! There is wine or ale tasting for a small fee. (Usually costs less than $15 per person.) Tours such as “Art of the Theme Ship” that are free. There is a running deck and gym that is available for use. Lectures with meet and greets where you listen to and meet Disney Imagineers, Legends and influencers. Enjoy a cooking demonstration with a Disney Chief, we enjoyed Chief Marcel, Head Chief of Club 33 on our last cruise. Take home the recipes for the treat you watched being made and got to sample. The lectures and demos are free! Movies, romantic strolls along the deck or just sitting and talking give you something to do the entire time.  In fact we found there were not enough hours in the day or days enough on the ship to see and do everything we wanted to.
            Check your daily Navigator for things to do! It is delivered to your room every evening. Check it out before going to sleep so you know what is happening the next day. It is easy to read and is broken down into several different categories. Events are listed by age appropriateness/interest and type of event.
            From infant in arms to the grandparents there is something for all to do on a Disney Cruise. It is a wonderful choice for a family gathering. The young will be endlessly entertained by their favorite Disney Characters and the elders will not have to run all over the place chasing them. For the grandparents that are unable to traverse a Disney Park all day this is a fantastic way to share time with the family and not make yourself sick. All the entertainment is right there with you. No bus/monorail rides to huge parks where you walk around all day just to end the day with another bus/monorail ride back to the hotel.  Returning to your room to rest between events is easy. You can always find a quiet spot on the ship to relax if you don’t want to return to your cabin but need a break. For those with disabilities special accommodations are available and all locations on the ship have wheelchair access so no need to leave anybody out of the fun!


  1. I've been on 3 Disney cruises in less than 2 years. The ultimate vacation for a Disney family.

  2. I could not agree more Susan!! We have been on 2. My first was in 05 and we had 12 family members + 3 friends with us to celebrate our 25 Anniversary. DH and I went on the Wonder in 2011, just the two of us with 2 friends. Even without kids it is a GREAT vacation!


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