Thursday, January 10, 2013

Goodbye Mary Poppins ~ Hello Aladdin!

Goodbye Mary Poppins ~ Hello Aladdin!

Mary Poppins is leaving Broadway after an amazing 6 year run! I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Mary Poppins but I have family and friends that have. Everybody I know of that has seen the show loved it. I am sad to see Mary go but Aladdin will not disappoint! Aladdin will follow in the footsteps of Beauty & the Beast, Lion King and Mary Poppins and please all that see it.
            Aladdin the Musical Spectacular has been performed at Disney California Adventure since 2003. It is performed in the Broadway quality Hyperion Theater. This show never fails to amaze and entertain even after seeing it a hundred of times. If the Broadway Aladdin is anywhere near the quality of the DCA Aladdin it will be a good show.
            One of the wonderful things about Aladdin is the adlibbing of several performers. Genie, Jafar, Iago and to some extent Aladdin are allowed to adlib. Genie will always changes up the rules from the Genie handbook including comments that reference current events in the news and pop culture. I have always felt this show deserved to be on Broadway. What has held it back was the length of the performance. Aladdin, as performed at DCA is only 45 minutes long. I have heard that several new songs are being added in the Broadway version.
            A couple of years ago Disney decided that Aladdin had made its run at DCA and was going to stop performances to bring in another show from the Disney Cruise Lines, Toy Story the Musical. When frequent guests heard about the change, especially what show they were thinking of bringing in the guests started writing letters. Aladdin was saved! The Hyperion Theater where it is performed is usually full or nearly so. I’ve seen Toy Story on the Disney Wonder cruise ship and think it was a wise decision to keep Aladdin!
            Many performers that have had parts in Aladdin at DCA over the years are now in New York performing on Broadway in many different shows. My favorite Jafar left Aladdin to go to Broadway and has been working very steadily for the past several years. I hope he goes for the part of Jafar again. If he does I would want to see it.
            The Disney Cruise Line has an adapted version of Aladdin the Musical on its ship, Fantasy. Again I’ve not seen this version but from the clips I’ve seen it look just as fun as the DCA version.

Here is video of the complete show at DCA:

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