Monday, January 14, 2013

Dreaming of a Disney Cruise!

Dreaming of a Disney Cruise!

It is a sunny 33ºF here in never cold Sunny So. California and I’m dreaming of being on a Disney Cruise ship out in the Caribbean!
So what would I be doing on a Disney Cruise at 7:30 am? I’d most likely be waking up after getting to bed late! I’d be looking out my porthole at the sun and sea and thinking about getting ready to go find some breakfast. Question? Hit the gym before breakfast or . . . not at all?
Breakfast! Where do you eat breakfast on a Disney Cruise? Room service sounds nice! Put out our order the evening before and they bring your meal straight to your room in the morning! You could head to the Buffet at the back of the ship to eat. It is also a great place to get lunch. The evening main dining rooms are turned in to either buffet or table service breakfast dining. Your daily Navigator (daily paper with news and event schedule) for times these locations are open. You could also go to the coffee shop for coffee and a breakfast sweet.
After breakfast what to do? If the kids are along (did one cruise with our daughter and one without) figure out what they are doing. Is there a special event in the Youth Club for them that they want to attend? Maybe you just want to spend some family time playing games, swimming, joining the fun at a family themed event at one of the lounges or challenging each other to a game of hoops, ping pong or even a video game.
If the kids are at the Youth Club or did not join you try out the Quiet Cove adult only pool. Look at the Navigator at see what Disney lectures, cooking demo, ship board tours/events or if you are in port, get off the ship and check the local area. Sign up for port adventures BEFORE you board or they may all be booked.
Lunch is an interesting thing on a Disney Cruise. You can eat at one of the many quick service locations around the pools, order room service or eat at the buffet for no extra charge or you can eat at one of the many lounges for an extra charge. You can also have brunch or high tea at Palo.
Evening is always fun on a Disney ship! There is diner in the main restaurants. Each main dining room has a ‘show’ at once each cruise! In my opinion these are NOT to be missed!
Depending on your seating time for diner you will see a show or movie either before or after your meal. One night during every cruise there is no show in the theaters. Instead of a ‘show’ there is a party on deck! The pirates take over the ship! There is a Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party! The Pirate Party ends in fireworks!
Even after the shows end the evening does not have to end! There is still a little time for the entire family to enjoy family time in the lounges with shows and music geared for the entire family.
The kids can go back into the Youth Club or maybe for the older kids to sleep in the cabin. For your older children you are no further away than a phone call. You can take your Wave Phone with you and they can call you if they need you. With the children taken care of you can return to the lounges. After 9pm they are all adult only with music, dancing and shows! You could also head to the Quiet Cove Pool for a swim and/or soak in the Hot Tubs.
As you can see there is PLENDY to do on a Disney Cruise from sun up to sun down!!

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