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Our Anniversary Celebration! Blame It on the Mouse 33 Years Later!

Our Anniversary Celebration!
Blame it on the Mouse 33 Years Later!

            Today is our anniversary but we celebrated a couple of days ago, my Pan daMan had to work today. So today I’ll share our anniversary fun.
            I made special shirts for our day with our anniversary Mickey Icon celebration graphic on them. We planned on a full day at the park. We always go and pick a gift for ourselves while we are at the park celebrating.
            We had one thing to do before our day of celebration so we ended up at the park by 5am. The park did not open until 8am so we decided to grab something to eat. We went across the street from the park and ate at one of the restaurants there. After breakfast it was time to head over to the park!
            We went in with plans to do some special things. We wanted new Anniversary Buttons, to ride the Disneyland Railroad Lilly Bell Presidential Parlor Car, take a trip around the Rivers of America up high in the Mark Twain Wheelhouse, lunch at the Carnation Café, see the Christmas Fantasy Parade and see the Believe in the Holiday Magic Fireworks before they ended for the season. We also wanted to do something we usually do not do much of, we wanted pictures of ourselves. We had ideas for some funny pictures.

            When the park opened my husband ran up to the Main Street Train Station to sign us up for a tour of the Lilly Bell, I went to City Hall to get our official Anniversary Buttons. Both of us were successful! My Pan daMan got us scheduled for the 4 pm Lilly Bell Tour! We had a couple of friends joining us for that. So 2 things checked off the list and we just started the day!

            The classic Disney Characters were out and about on Main Street so we stopped and took pictures with them. We also stopped at the tree and had our picture there as well. The Photopass Photographer had some fun ideas after we asked him to take a picture of us from behind. I love this picture of us from behind pointing at the tree! I was able to add Tink into the picture just as Disney would. We walked down Main Street and took pictures of the Partners Statue and Castle. We also had our pictures taken there. A good start on another item on our list!

            After Main Street we went to see if the Mark Twain was running yet and ask if we could ride in the Wheelhouse. The Mark Twain was not out yet so we decided to take a stroll over to New Orleans. We had fallen in love there so we wanted to stop and get some pictures there. We found Oogie Boogie making popcorn at one of the popcorn carts. The French Market was where it all started so we stopped to take our picture there. By then the Mark Twain was making runs around the Rivers of America! We were able to ride in the Wheelhouse! Yippee! There is another off the list!

            The trip on the Mark Twain was interesting! We had 2 Mark Twain pilots. After boarding and getting into the wheelhouse the Sailing Ship Columbia came out of its dock. It was having mechanical problems and they were taking it on test runs without passengers. The Columbia was moving slowly and because of it we were delayed in pulling out of port. Our 1st pilot entertained us with the history of the Mark Twain and the surrounding area of the park. He kept apologizing for the delay. We did not mind as we were having too much fun taking pictures and enjoying his stories. Finally he had to leave for a break and a 2nd pilot came into the wheelhouse to replace him. The 2nd pilot was very interesting! He had worked at Disney Imagineering. It was obvious that both are working at Disney by choice and love Disney and the history of the man, park and company.
            We stopped and purchased our anniversary gift for ourselves. We got a beautiful ornament and matching necklaces. Then it was time for lunch at the Carnation Café! Our server at the Carnation Café was wonderful! Again we had a Cast Member that you knew loved her job.

            By then it was time for the parade! We knew there was not much time between the parade and the tour of the Lilly Bell so we decided to watch the parade sitting in front of the Main Street Station where we were to board the train for our circle tour of Disneyland. The parade was wonderful, as usual. We enjoyed playing with the characters in the parade, especially Lady Tremaine! I stuck out my tongue out at her and she gave me a dirty look. LOL

            As soon as the parade we ran up the steps to the train station! Our friends arrived at the park just in time to join us for the tour! We gave our name to the Conductor and were told where to line up after giving us our tickets. The next train to come into the station was the CK Holiday and it was pulling the Lilly Bell! We boarded the train and another highpoint of the day started! It is always amazing to ride the Lilly Bell. Conductor Ken was so informative and entertaining! He kept our attention the full 20 minute ride around Disneyland. We learned many new facts about the Lilly Bell, Mrs. Lillian Disney, Walt Disney, Disneyland and the Disneyland Railroad!

            By then it was time to go and stake out our spot for the fireworks. It was around 5 pm (fireworks were scheduled for 9:30) but to get the view where I can see anything (and have a bench to sit on while waiting) we need to get there that early. Our friends went to enjoy things they had on their “to do” list while we waited for the fireworks. We told them we would save a spot for them. We got a good spot and relaxed. The day had been long so we took turns snoozing on the bench.  The fireworks were beautiful and romantic as usual.

            We finished off the day enjoying a few moments walking down Main Street after the fireworks. How romantic it is to walk down Main Street under the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations holding hands with the one you love!

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