Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blame IT On The MOUSE!!!

Blame IT On The MOUSE!!

            Years ago I invited a friend for diner. We were going to enjoy a quiet meal at my apartment. Because I was a single young lady I asked my roommate to stick around for dinner. Not a bad deal as I’d do the cooking and cleaning up! I had not seen or talked to my friend for four years and I was really excited to see him and get reacquainted. I knew he had an over one hour drive from his home to mine so I worked my shift, came home and started to cook and I waited for the time to come.
            About 15 minutes before he was to arrive I got a call! Now this was in the days of the dinosaur and there were no newfangled Cell-eo phones. He asked if he could bring a friend to dinner. Knowing how far he had to drive I looked at the meal that was almost finished cooking and asked, “So you telling me you are going to be late?” At that he gave a nervous chuckle and said, “No. I’m at a pay phone around the corner from your place.” Well, knowing he was right around the corner with his friend I could not very well say, “GO HOME AND COME BACK ALONE!” Instead, quoting my Grandmother I said, “Sure, there’s always room for one more at the table.”
            My friend got there and my roommate ran over to say hi. They had talked on the phone but never meet. She whispered in my friends ear and after that told everybody, “Well, I’ve got to leave. I need to go see my boyfriend!“ This left me alone with two guys! One I knew the other had walked in my door a few minutes before with a turtle puppet on his hand. And what a rude little puppet that turtle was! Oh, Fred the turtle is another story! LOL
            Well the three of us sat down to dinner and enjoyed good food and company. I became reacquainted with my friend and made a new friend. After dinner my old friend fell fast asleep on the couch! He was talking and just knocked out! Nothing would wake him up! Turned out he had a sleep disorder and would just fall asleep and then stop breathing! There was nothing we could do but sit and wait for him to wake up.
            My new friend and I sat and talked for hours waiting for our friend to awake! We laughed, joked and right away knew this was a set up! Right away we also knew we would always be Best Friends Forever! We also felt we would be Romantic NEVER! In fact that became our mantra that night! “Best Friends Forever! Romantic NEVER!”
            By now I’m sure you are saying, “What has this to do with Disney?” Well let’s fast forward a year.
            My Best Friend had gone to college during the following year and graduated top of his class! This was especially difficult for him as he is dyslexic, has dysgraphia and very bad ADHD! All his family and other friends did not want to celebrate his achievement! They acted like it was no big deal. I knew the work he had done as I had helped him study over the year! I decided something HAD to be done to celebrate and if his family and other friends did not wish to be part of it FINE! I took my friend to Disneyland for the day! Where else do you go to celebrate?
            We packed a lunch and got to Disneyland early and we stayed until they kicked us out after closing. We ran around like little kids laughing and having fun. At dinner we decided we had enough of sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers. We wanted a “real meal”. We ended up at the French Market Café in New Orleans Square. We got our meal and sat near the band stand and settled in to enjoy some good food and music!
We were minding our own business, I was on my side of the table and he was on his. No hand holding, kissing or making googly eyes at each other! We were just two good FRIENDS having a good time together enjoying ourselves a Disneyland. Soon the Jazz Band started playing love songs and dedicating them to us! HORROR!! We laughed and told them our mantra. They laughed right back at us and told us, “We have the Disney Magic. We know you two are in LOVE.” I swear this is true! So off we RAN!!!
A week after our visit to Disneyland I was at my friend’s house. We went for a walk, he reached out and took hold of my hand. This was something he had never done before. I looked up at him and said, “Ummm, Does this mean we are dating?” He laughed nervously and said, “I guess so.”
The next weekend while at his house he gave me a big sloppy kiss and said, “Deal with it!” It was our first kiss! What?!?! I asked him if that meant we were boyfriend and girlfriend. He sheepishly said, “I guess so.”
Several more weeks go by and we are at a party for his dad and step-mother. We were sitting on the floor and a little child was climbing all over us! He pulled the child in between us and gave me a big hug. He whispered in my ear, “I want you to be the mother of my 6 children.” I laughed! The next day he started talking about where we will live and how we will raise our children! OH MY!!! I asked, “Does this mean we are engaged?” His replay was only to be expected, “I guess so.” How romantic! (NOT) HAHAHA
I GUESS SO?!?! Well I knew so! The Jazz Band at the French Market was right! They knew what we did not when we had gone to the park! Disney Magic opened our eyes so we could see the love that was right in front of us! About 6 months later we were married! Thank God he did not say, “I guess so,” when his father, our pastor asked him if he would take me as his wife!

Saturday, January 5th we will celebrate our 33rd anniversary. My dear sweet Best Friend Forever (of 33 years) has to work that day. So today we are celebrating at Disneyland where it all began! Happy Anniversary to my Best Friend Forever, Dear Husband and Pan daMan, Scott!
Our new Mantra is: Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust!
That is Faith in God,
Trust in Each Other
& the Pixie Dust of God’s Many Blessings!
This is what has kept us together all these years
through the Good times and Bad.
            I wish all of you that read my blog find your soul mate. Just remember sometimes we refuse to see what is good that is right in front of us. If we had not gone to Disneyland that day, if that Jazz Band had not pushed in the fun way they did we may have never seen how good we are together  and how we are truly made for each other. Hold onto your dreams. Be willing to wait for the one that fits your soul, makes you laugh, smile and feel good inside.

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