Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What do You Celebrate at a Disney Park or on a Disney Ship?

What Do You Celebrate at a Disney Park
or on a Disney Ship?

            Many people go to Disney to celebrate special occasions. The most popular things to celebrate at Disneyland are Birthdays and Anniversaries. They are not the only things celebrated by guests at the park, Engagements and graduations follow close on the heels of Birthdays and Anniversaries. But that is not all! People celebrate completing medical treatment, new jobs and retirement along with my favorite reason to go to the parks to celebrate, ”THE SUN CAME UP TODAY”!

            No matter what you are celebrating you should let the Cast Members know you are celebrating something! If it is an Anniversary, Birthday or you just got Engaged stop by Guest Relations and get a Button! If the lines are long at Guest Relations or you forget and get to the other end of the park without getting a button, or you are with someone that refuses to get one go to any cashier in any shop and ask if they have a celebration button for the event. They will be more than happy to give you one if they have them.

            Why get and wear the buttons? If you get the buttons AND wear it where it can be seen you will get many well wishes. You may also get some little extras. During shows that guests are called upon you may get called on. When Cast Members see the celebration buttons they try hard to accommodate requests. So wear your button with pride!
            You don’t have to be celebrating ‘On The Day’ to get a button. Disney understands that some people can only get to the park once a year or even less. They understand that schedules do not always permit going to Disney ‘On The Day’. Some get gifts of a celebration trip to Disney and go later.

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