Thursday, January 24, 2013

In the Blue Sky Cellar - Princess Fantasy Faire

In the Blue Sky Cellar - Princess Fantasy Faire

            Disney California Adventure has a wonderful place called the Blue Sky Cellar. The name reflects what Walt Disney called Blue Sky thinking. It stands for putting no limits on your thinking.
            This location was used for a long time to show video, macaques, mockups and drawings of the upcoming changes to DCA. At this time the space is being used to show what is changing at Disneyland.
            Over a year ago the Carnation Gardens next to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle was closed and construction began on a new guest experience, Princess Fantasy Faire. While I am saddened that Carnation Gardens was closed because of the historical significance of the area I must say Princess Fantasy Faire does look beautiful.
            Carnations Gardens posted swing dancing every weekend since 1958 tell the time it was closed for the construction of Princess Fantasy Faire. Jazz greats like Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong played there while Walt and Lillian Disney dance with the guests.
            While construction has been going on the dancers have been going full swing in Downtown Disney. In fact the ranks of the dancers has swelled and more are coming each weekend. Disney has promised to put a stage with the dance floor in the Princess Fantasy Faire area. Swing dancing will return to the inside Disneyland to the same area where it has always been.
            Now on to Princess Fantasy Faire! Princess Fantasy Faire will be a tribute to all Disney Princesses that have graced the stage and screen. Here will be your opportunity to meet and greet them in their own “Royal Court”.

           There were also the stage that will have to rotating shows, Beauty and the Beast and Rapunzel with Flynn will come out at different times to tell their stories. This is also where the swing dancers will dance on Friday and Saturday nights.

            I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the mockups and drawings of the new Princess Fantasy Fair that graced the Blue Sky Cellar.
            Below is the video they show in the Blue Sky Cellar:

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