Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sail Away on a Disney Cruise

Sail Away on a Disney Cruise

            Thursday, Saturday & Sunday of most weeks you will find me at my computer at 5pm EST. I’ll sit down with a soda, pull up the Port Canaveral Webcam, turn up the sound on my computer and sit for 20 minutes or so watching ships pull out of Port Canaveral.
            When doing this I’ve noticed that when a Disney ship pulls out of port there are more viewers online, especially since they added sound to the live streaming video. What makes the Disney ships so different?
            When any ship pulls out of port they blow their fog horn. For the standard ship it is a single tone that can near deafen you. On a Disney Ship the fog horns have trumplets that play songs! When Disney pull out of Port Canaveral they blast out a song. Magic and Wonder play only 1 song, and just the first 7 notes at that. (When You Wish Upon A Star) The Dream and Magic play songs, up to 14 notes. (When You Wish Upon A Star, first 14 notes and can break that in ½, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, An Actors Life for Me, It’s A Small World, Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirates Life for Me and Be Our Guest) I can tell you from experience what a thrill it is to be on the deck and hear the trumplets blow!
            Fish Lips Bar and Grill is at the water’s edge at Port Canaveral. They maintain the Port Canaveral Webcam. Often when the Disney ships pass Fish Lips they will sound the trumplets at least once and sometimes more. It is a fun day when the Dream or Fantasy play all the songs right as they pass!
            Another fun thing that sometimes happens in ports (sadly I’ve never seen it and I don’t think it happens at Port Canaveral) is Fog Horn Wars/Battles. This is when two ships take turns blowing their Fog Horns. The bigger the ship the deeper and louder the Fog Horn. Disney Ships horns are on the lower to middle end of the spectrum. (Magic/Wonder smaller with Dream/Fantasy high end of the middle) Disney ships have a hard time winning a straight out Fog Horn Battle. Still they have a secrete weapon, the trumplets! The ships will blow their horns until one or the other signals submission with two quick blasts of the horn. Usually the Disney Ships end up submitting then they sound one of the songs! With that the bigger ships quickly submit! Magic and Wonder were never truly beaten in a Fog Horn War until the Dream and Fantasy came along. I’m hoping when I go on my next cruise in 2014 with the Basementeers from Walt’s Basement I hope to see a Fog Horn Battle! Scroll to the bottom of this post for video of a couple of Fog Horn Wars.

            Here are some fun things to look at including a link to the Port Canaveral Webcam and Walt’s Basement where you can check out plans for the cruise! All are welcome to join the trip!
Walt’s Basement ~ For the Love of All Things Disney
Basementeers In the Caribbean planning thread
Port Canaveral Webcam (Courtesy of Fish Lips Bar & Grill)
Fog Horn Wars
Big Ship vs Disney Magic
Disney Magic vs Disney Dream
All the Songs Disney Dream/Fantasy play


  1. I was able to see my daughter and myself waving during the sailaway on the webcam after our August Fantasy cruise.

  2. COOL!!!! That must have been fun!!

    We are going to have a big sign for all the folks back home to see when we sail away! Then we will find out where they post the clips and tell folks where to look for us. :-D


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