Thursday, January 17, 2013

Disney Oscar Buzz 2012!

Disney Oscar Buzz!

This year 3 of the 5 films up for Best Animated Feature are Disney/Pixar! They are:
Wreck-It Ralph
In the Best Animated Short category is
But Disney does not stop there!
Best Visual Effects
Marvel’s The Avengers
The big movie for this year is a combined DreamWorks/Touchstone work. It was distributed by Buena Vista Distributing.
Nominated for
Best Picture
Best Performance By An Actor In A Leading Role ~ Daniel Day-Lewis
Best Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role ~ Sally Field
Best Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role ~ Tommy Lee Jones
Best Director ~ Steven Spielberg
Best Adapted Screenplay ~ Tony Kushner
Best Music (Original Score) ~ John Williams
Best Cinematography ~ Janusz Kaminski
Best Costume Design ~ Joanna Johnston
Best Film Editing ~ Michael Kahn
Best Production Design ~ Rick Carter, Jim Erickson
Best Sound Mixing ~ Andy Nelson, Gary Rydstrom & Ronald Judkins

I have seen all but one of these wonderful movies and was impressed by each and every one. Lincoln deserves to win in every category it was nominated for.
As for Best Animated Movie I’m torn between the two of them I saw. I did not see Frankenweenie but enjoyed Brave and Wreck-It Ralph immensely! Of the two I saw I believe Brave is by far the best!
Paperman is a wonderful short that had me from the moment it started. It pulls at the heart strings. It was complex in its simplicity. I’ve not seen any of the other shorts so I can’t speak of them.

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