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Disney Cruise Line ~ When to Book Your Shipboard and Port Adventures

Disney Cruise Line ~
When to Book Your Shipboard & Port Adventures

            The more popular Shipboard and Port Adventures fill up quickly therefore it is wise to book early. You can book your Shipboard and Port Adventures online from home. First-time cruisers can book their Adventures up to 75 days in advance. Returning Castaway Club members can book further out depending on their club level. Check current policy to see how far in advance you can book your Adventure.
            Booking early also applies to the adult only restaurants Palo and Remy. Both of these adult only romantic restaurants fill early. If you do not book online or by calling in before your cruise you most likely will not get a reservation.
            Spa and Salon treatments can be booked before the cruise. There are also wine and ale tastings that you can sign up for.
            You can also book your Port Adventures for every port at home. This does help with knowing your final cruise cost. You can prepay for your Port Adventures before the cruise or know the amount you will need at the end of the cruise.
            You can even reserve snorkeling equipment, cabanas, bicycles, watercraft and Port Adventures on Castaway Cay before your cruise. Thus ensuring the availability of these for your day Castaway Cay.
            Port Adventures that sellout the quickest are things like dolphin encounters and visits to popular tourist spots.
            Planning your Port Adventure may seem a chore but you can turn it into a party. It can be a way to build anticipation for your upcoming cruise. You can gather the family or friends that are going and look online at all the Port Adventures available at your ports of call. You then can discuss and vote on what you will do as a group.
            You do not have to plan your Port Adventures ahead of time. You can wait until you get on the ship and go to the Port Adventures desk and see what is available. You can also wait until you get to your ports of call and talked to the locals at the port that offer tours. Personally I would not do this. You have no way of verifying the tour operator’s safety record or of making sure that they will have you back to the ship on time. If you miss the boat is up to you to pay to get to the next port of call or to get home.
            If you go with a Disney Cruise Line offered Port Adventure you know that Disney has researched the tour company for safety and quality. You also are assured that the tour operators understand when you have to be back to the ship and will endeavor to make sure you are back on time and do not miss the boat. It is in their best interest to make sure you are back on time otherwise Disney will no longer advertise their tours to their guests.
            You do not have to book any Port Adventures. You may choose just to walk around the port area. I would advise that you do not leave the tourist area while in any port for safety reasons. You don’t even have to leave the ship if you do not wish to. You may choose to stay on board and swim or explore the ship. Exploration of the Disney ship is an adventure all its own. Another good reason to stay on the ship is the fact that the spa and salon have specials on days ship is in port. Be aware that the ships shops are closed while in port.

Click the following link to see what Port Adventures are available at your ports of call: 

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