Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hidden Mickeys, Another Hidden Character and Other Fun of Cars Land

Hidden Mickeys, Another Hidden Character and Other Fun of Cars Land

Ok I know I’ve talked about the Hidden Mickeys in the car hoods on display at Ramon’s House of Body Art. Wait there is MORE!! Here is a link to my article on the car hoods if you wish to check it out.

I found out there were more in there after writing that article! There are 19 or 20 hidden Mickeys just in Ramon’s House of Body Art! First you need to check out all the car hoods on display inside and out. Then go into the two smaller rooms next to each of the shops doors. Inside each room you will find 6 hidden Mickeys! There are in the same place in each room. 4 in each small room is obvious while 2 others are more difficult to see. Look in the ‘Pin Striping’ on the shelves for the main 4. The other 2 are in spatter art boxes used to display items on the shelves.
Hint ~ Check the inside of the lid!

Radiator Springs Curios has 2 Hidden Mickeys, 1 outside and 1 inside. The one outside is on the front wall on the left side of the porch down low. The other is inside near the cashier.

Walk down Rout 66 and stand in front of the statue of Stanly Steamer, look to the left and up at the power lines. SMILE you just found a hidden Mickey!

In the office of the Cozy Cone Motel there is someone hiding! Go to the back of the office and look in the window at the desk. Look at the beautiful display of curios for sell. See the cute little miniature Cozy Cones? WAIT!! Who is that peeking out from under one of the cones! Oh My! Buzz Lightyear in Cars Land? Who would have thought to look for him in Cars Land?

I was talking to Filmore while getting some organic fuel. He asked me to look at the signal; he thinks every 3rd light is longer! I think he is right! Check it out for yourself!

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