Saturday, August 4, 2012

Doing Radiator Springs Racers with Dis-Abilities

Doing Radiator Spring Racers with Dis-Abilities

Radiator Springs Racers is very handicap friendly. If you are in a wheelchair you will need to be able to transfer to the car. You will need to stay in the regular line if you do not have a Fastpass or a Guest Assistance Card. The regular line can accommodate a wheelchair to the break in the line that splits to the handicap loading area.

If you have a member of your party with Autism, ADHD, problems with being in the sun, or other issues that make long lines or enclosed areas a major problem get a GAC (Guest Assistance Card) with double arrows. In general this card will allow you to enter the FP line on any ride. RSR has a different policy for GAC holders. For RSR you will still be able to use the FP line but will not be able to enter it right away. To use your GAC at RSR go to the FastPass location near the entrance to RSR. This FastPass location is not being used for regular FPs at this time. This is only for those with GAC. You will need to show your GAC card and tell them how many people in your group. They will give you a handwritten FP with a return time that is approximately the amount of time the regular line is (if the regular line is 120 minutes you will come back in that amount of time). When that time comes you can return and enter the FP line. The line is usually 30-45 minutes long at this time.

If stairs are a problem for you make sure you tell them when they take your FP. They will send you to a special loading area where a car is pulled off the track so you can load. This is a double blessing. You can take the time you need loading. Nobody hurries you in or out of the car. At the end of the ride your car will be returned to this spot for you to unload. Once again you are not rushed and can take the time to get out safely. Unlike the “normal” exit for this attraction there are no steps leading out. Also there is a photo purchase location right there.

When loading you will need to be able to step down into the car. There are handholds placed to assist you in getting in and out of the car.

If you have a need for leg room I suggest you sit in the front seat of the car in the middle seat. The center front seat has the most leg room.

The Cast Members can not physically help you in or out of the car. If you need assistance other members of your party will need to assist you. This is for liability reasons.

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