Sunday, August 5, 2012

Riding Luigi's Flying Tires with Dis-Abilities

Riding Luigi’s Flying Tires with Dis-Abilities

Luigi’s is a retheming of the old flying saucers of years ago. Luigi has put out oversized tires for you to ride around in. The tires float around on a cushion of air. This ride can get a little bumpy as your tire slides into others.

To enter the tire you need to step over a wide rubber tire to get to the seat. For those in wheelchairs there is a special loading dock where the soft part of the tire slides under a deck for easier entry to the seat.

For those in wheelchairs or with a GAC (Guest Assistance Card) you head to the exit down the side road that leads to Bugs Land. Do not get into the regular line. Show your card to the Cast Member at the gate marked with the handicapped symbol and he will tell you how to proceed. Your entire party can go with you, up to a total of six people.

This ride is controlled by the riders leaning gently in the direction they wish to go. If you wish to go right, lean to the right. Do not lean too far because it will cause the tire to dig into the ground and slow you down. If you are riding with another person work together and lean in the same direction.

There are also oversized beachballs in the ride area. You can grab one before getting into your tire to toss at someone you know or hope you can get one as you go. It is harder than it looks to get one once you are on the move. Do be careful with the beachballs. Do not toss them hard at a person’s head as it can hurt.

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