Sunday, August 26, 2012

Instant Concert - Just Add Water with Maestro Goofy

Instant Concert – Just Add Water with Maestro Goofy

Join Maestro Goofy as he leads the fountains of Paradise Bay in a musical romp. There is a classical version of the show and a 20th century music version as well.

This is a great show for on a hot day. Stand at the edge of the bay in front of Goofy and you will get wet. The classical version gets you wetter than the 20th century. This was shot from across the bay so you can see both the fountains and Goofy. At this distance it is hard to see Goofy. If you are on the other side you have to turn back and forth between the fountains and Goofy. You also stay dry on the Pier side of the bay.

For watching the show I recommend the Paradise Pier side of the bay. That way you can see Goofy directing the fountains and get a clear view of the fountains. You will not feel like you need to spin around to see what Maestro Goofy is doing. You can stand anywhere against the fence from Mickey’s Fun Wheel down past the hot dog stand further down to in front of Toy Story Mania. If you are hot and wish to get wet to cool down then go to the other side in front of Goofy.

They use some of the World of Color fountains for this show and just reprogram them. This just proves what I’ve thought since WoC started. They can change WoC easily and adapt the show for different holidays instead of just adding a clip at the end of the show as they did for the Fourth of July. I’d love to see them do a Christmas version of WoC.

Sit back and enjoy the show! This video is the classical version and was shot from across the bay.

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