Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Official Disney Pin Site

The Official Disney Pin Site

If you collect pins you most likely know about the Official Disney Pin site. For those just getting into collecting Disney Pins here is the link:

I’m going to focus on the upcoming pin section and problems there. Here is the link:

In the upcoming section you should be able to see what pins are going to be released soon. It used to be they showed several months at a time and that was great because it helps you know what special Limited Edition pins will be out when you are going. It also helps if you are a local to the parks as you can plan your visits to purchase the LE special pins you wish. This is especially important with the highly prized pins such as the Piece of the Movie set. They PoM pins sell out within a few hours of park opening so if you want them you must get there at opening on the correct day.

Over the last few months the site has not been very well maintained. Now it seems the site is being kept just a couple of weeks to a month in advance, and even them it is not complete. There have been issues with wrong days being posted and release dates changing just days before the pin is to be released.

Policy on how to purchase the PoM pin changed at Disneyland and the information was on the site. Problem is on the main list page it gives the general info you need, date of release, what park it is being released at and the edition size are under a thumbnail picture of the pin. When Disneyland went to a wristband system for the release of the PoM that info was on the site but you had to click on the picture of the pin and pull up a second page to know that! There was nothing on the main page to show you that you needed to go to a second page for further information. They could easily put a banner on the picture of the pin letting you know to click for new instructions.

There is also another special set I love called the Lost Keys of Disneyland that is a beautiful and fun. It is a set of locks themed on six different attractions at DLR. The locks were sold in a set for a limited time (but not LE in edition). There are also six keys (LE 3000) to go with the locks that are being sold one every other month during 2012. These usually come out the first or third Thursday of the month and sell out by the late afternoon day of release. I purchased my locks at the beginning of the year. The information for the next Lost Key to Disneyland, Haunted Manson pin went up on the site on August 28th. It will be released on September 6th, 2012. What if I needed to adapt my work schedule to get this pin or make arrangements for someone to get it for me? No I don’t live for pins but it would be nice to be able to set up my schedule further in advance than 8 or 9 days!

I learned from writing to Disney about the lack of follow-through on the rules on the PoM pin that letters are read and do get a response. Letters to Disney can get Disney to change policies. I’ve written two letters about the poor updating on the Official Pin site. I know of others joined in and wrote things would be taken care of. If you use the site to find out information on pins and are frustrated at the way the site is not kept up to date write them! Hopefully they will go back to keeping the site updated and maybe even go back to keeping it a couple of months ahead on the pins release schedule. 

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