Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Charging Electronics at Disneyland

Charging Electronics at Disneyland

 When you go to a Disney Park you want to take your camera, phone, iPod, iPad and maybe a laptop or tablet. So what do you do when the battery runs down?

With things that use AA or AAA batteries you can usually take extra along with you. You can just swap them out at will. You cannot swap out the battery on some electronics. You just need to charge them up. What do you do with them?

For years while at Disneyland if you had a camera or phone that needed charging you could take it to the photo shop on Main Street and leave it there for a few hours to charge. Sad to say that is no longer allowed. Disney does not wish to take responsibility for guest’s personal items.

After Disney stopped allowing people to leave their electronics at the photo shop people were left with few options. If you bring the charger for your item you can find an electrical outlet and plug in for a while. You need to sit and watch your item but it is allowed. You can find outlets inside restaurants and on the outside walls of some buildings. I often find outlets inside restaurants and even in the outside eating areas and plug in while I enjoy my meal. You can also find them at the bottom of some streetlight posts. Look for the posts with a higher base and you may find one there. I often look for the outlets in the lampposts while I’m waiting for a parade. This can be quite convent for people who bring their own scooter.

Now Disneyland has come up with a new option. They still let you use the outlets but now you have another option. You can rent a special locker with electrical outlets for you to charge your small electronics safely. At this time there are not many of them as it is still in the trial faze. They only have a few of them at the Main Street locker location.

Here is how the Charging Lockers work. You pay $2 for the first hour. Plug your item in and lock it safely inside the locker. If you return within the first hour to retrieve your item there is no further charge. There is a $2 for each hour after that as well.

I think this is a wonderful idea. It means I no longer have to make a choice of not having my electronic toy charged and ready to use or sitting someplace while it charges unable to enjoy the park. Now I just have to decide when to put my toy in the locker and not use it for an hour.


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