Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pin Sharks Get Caged!

Pin Sharks Get Caged!

Ok, here goes another chapter in the continuing saga of Pin Guppy vs Pin Sharks. My monthly swim into the sea of LE Pin Purchasing.

Disneyland finally solved the problem of Profiteering Pin Sharks getting more than their fair share of Limited Edition highly prized pins. Disney found a way to hold ALL guests to the stated limit of two pins per person. I do believe you will find fewer of the Piece of the Movie Pins on EBay and other sites for hundreds of dollars.

I must say Disney got it at least 90% correct. As I’ve shared in the last few months when going to purchase a highly treasured LE pin that is limited by Disney to 2 pins per person I’ve been angry and frustrated that Profiteering Pin Sharks have been able to purchase 5-20 pins while many others, myself included couldn’t even purchase 1. Within a couple of hours of the parks opening these pins would be on EBay and other sites at a greatly inflated price, providing these sharks with an unjust profit. I’ve written letters to Disney and posted here in my blog and other places my frustration and suggestions on how Disney could solve the problem.

Here are links to my past posts:
I know that many people have suggested Disney give out wristbands to people wishing to purchase items such as the Piece of the Movie Pin. I know I wrote Disney with the suggestion several months ago. I must give Disney praise for finally going to the wristband policy to get these pins. I saw many Pin Profiteers walk away upset and even more happy guests able to add to their collection this coveted pin at a just price.

Here is how the program works. You go to a location and pick up a wrist band. This wristband guaranties you will be able to purchase the item you wish as long as you get to the designated location before a set time. In this case we were given the choice of 1 of 3 stores to go to (Star Command in DL, Fly N Buy in DCA and Pin Traders in DTD) and we had to get there by 1 pm. With general LE items sold like this there is no problem with you going at the last moment. All the items are the same. With the Piece of the Movie Pins you need to get there early so you can look at them. Each pin is different. You want your choice of pin and don’t want to be left with whatever you get.

Now here is the problem with the wonderful system Disney came up with.

There was little warning that wristbands would be given out. On the Official Disney Pin Site, where at a glance you can see the date and location of a pins release there was nothing on the main post to show that this pin had special pickup instructions. You had to click on the picture and open a second page to find out there were wristbands. They could have put something on the main page to let you know to look further for new instructions. Disney could have put notice in their Disney Parks Blog or even tweeted it.

The wristband pickup location was at the far end of Downtown Disney. They started giving out the wristbands at 6:45 am and the park opened at 8 am. So when we went to the store we normally get the pins at they did not have any, they were not one of the shops designated to have it. My husband, who has a heart condition and has had 3 open heart surgeries had to run from the store in Frontierland all the way through Downtown Disney to the pin shop near the Rainforest Café to get a wristband. Then he had to hurry back to the pin store in Tomorrowland in Disneyland to get the pin. By the time he got back his heart was racing and hurting. We did stop in First Aide to get him checked out after getting the pin. (I was in line and at the counter waiting when he got to the store so no delay there.)

As I said I’m glad Disney decided to enforce the limit of 2 pins per person and found a way to do so. I do wish they had better notified people of the change and that the wristband location was at a better location and they did not start giving them out quite so early. I believe this new system of release will make it fair for all who wish to get this wonderful pin and future highly priced treasures. I hope they continue to use this system or maybe a modified and better system to keep it fair. I know Disney loves to “plus” things and make it better. I can see the minor flaws in this system and know Disney can improve it.

I’m writing Disney a letter suggesting locations where the wristbands can be handed out that are not as far from the park as the ESPN Zone or the Pin Traders in Downtown Disney. The Information Desk just outside security, picnic area in the Esplanade or even a table set up in the Esplanade. I know there are other places inside and outside the parks for wristband distribution.

I do wish to say Thank You to Disney for finally getting a handle on this problem and stopping the Sharks from ruining the fun for others.


  1. Before they did this wristband thing it was open season for Pin Collectors. When the Peter Pan film pin came out some friends of mine were in line at the Little Green Man store in Tomorrow land and since it plainly said on the Pin Trading page, the pins were limited to 2 per person. My friends were behind this big lady who was very pushy and nasty. She got to the counter and demanded to look at every Peter Pan pin they had and pulled out all the ones that had Peter Pan in the frame including the standing in the window. Then she demanded that the CM go to the back room and bring out all the pins and the CM did this and brought out more Peter Pan image pins and she grabbed every one of them and took them all and no one did anything to stop her. I told my friend if I had been there I would have called for the Store Lead or Manager and also Security. Point out the printed rules and demand the pins be taken from her and she would be escorted out of the park. The fuss would have created a commotion but at least we would have gotten the pins we wanted along with everyone it line behind us. I was awful. Now with the wristband thing in place my friends go down early on the morning of the pins going on sale, get the wristband, go into the Park and to the stores that will have these pins, buy the pins and come back home after walking around for awhile or if its a weekend they stay all day and do pin trading all day. People like that woman give Pin Trading a bad reputation.

  2. I agree people like this give Pin Traders a bad rep. :-)


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