Monday, August 27, 2012

Billy Hill & the Hillbillies at the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree

Billy Hill & the Hillbillies

Billy Hill and his Hillbilly brothers are no longer in the Golden Horseshoe where they have been entertaining crowds for years. The Laughing Stock Company is in the Golden Horseshoe for now. They have also done some shows in front of the Golden Horseshoe and in Critter Country. For now the Billies are on the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree stage. Farley the Fiddler is there between shows to play his fiddle and teach people rope tricks. Sometimes Farley joins the Billies on stage during the show.

Between the shows Mickey, Minnie, Chip & Dale, Donald and some of the Country Bears come out to visit along with the other characters. The characters stay out during the show as well so you can take pictures with them and getting autographs. There are tables set up for coloring and you can sit and color during the show. You can enjoy your time with the characters at the Billies play.

The Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show is a blue grass comity show with a touch of Elvis and/or the Beatles thrown in. It is corny and fun. We have enjoyed it for many years in the Golden Horseshoe.

I hope with the summer ends the Billies will return to the Golden Horseshoe. I like them on the bigger stage but I do believe they belong in the Golden Horseshoe where they have been for years.

Here is video of the Billies.

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