Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hidden Mickeys at Ramon's House of Body Art

Hidden Mickeys at Ramon’s House of Body Art

Even though the area comes from the movie Cars and Mickey is nowhere in the movie you can find him at Ramon’s House of Body Art. You will have to look very closely to find Mickey.

In each of the car hoods on display in Ramon’s shop you can find a Hidden Mickey. Some are kind of easy to spot and others are hard. Even the hood on display behind the cashier has a hidden Mickey.
The day I decided to go looking for the Mickeys there were many people standing at the windows but none were looking for Mickey. They were cooking off in the shade around the shop. I started looking and the person standing next to the window looked at me as if I was crazy. I then told him there were Hidden Mickeys in each hood. Soon there were people at every window looking for Mickey and calling out to each other when they found them. It was fun to watch families call out to one another, “Hey I found Mickey, come here!” Then all would come over and look applauding the person that made the find.
Here are some of the hoods and close ups of the Mickeys. Forgive the quality of the full shots of the hoods as it is hard to take the picture through the glass.

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