Saturday, July 14, 2012

Retirement Dreams!

Retirement Dreams!

In a few years my husband will retire. With today’s economy retirement will be a hard thing to do. We are concerned about having insurance between the time he can retire and the time we can get Medicare. Being creative people and loving Disney we came up with an idea.

Soon my husband will start applying for a job at Disneyland. His hope is to get a job as an engineer on the Disneyland Railroad. He loves the trains and would love to spend two to three days a week driving the Disneyland trains! He will start applying soon because we know it will take time to get a job as a train engineer.

By doing this we can have medical insurance and he gets the fun of doing something he has always wanted to do. This will provide my husband the opportunity to leave his physically and emotionally stressful job in the medical profession and do something he would enjoy. He would be working in a place he enjoys on one big toy of his dreams. Oh ya, most of the engineers on the DLRR are doing the same thing.

It is fun to dream of doing something in the future. It is a way to step momentarily back from the stress of today and find hope for tomorrow. It is necessary to think and dream of the future so you can find ways to plan and make it work. Sometimes you have to accept extra work or stress for a time so you can reach a goal. My husband is thinking he might have to work 2-3 days a week at Disneyland and continue to work his 3 day a week job at the hospital for a time before he can retire.

You may think that retiring to work at a job that pays less is crazy but we think not. He will be working at a place of dreams helping to make people’s dreams come true. He will be doing something fun and less stressful than his current job.

Now what might I do? Well, I might also try to get a job at Disneyland. I would love to work in one of the shops on Main Street or as a Hostess in the Main Street Opera House. Another job I would like is Tour Guide. I’d love to take people around the park and point out interesting things. We would have money and insurance and get to be at the place we love! What better way to retire!

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