Monday, July 16, 2012

Some Cute Things from Cars Land and Buena Vista Street

I just had to share this cute item from Cars Land at Disney California Adventure.

When you order popcorn you can get it in a paper cone or Lightning McQueen souvenir bucket. You can also order children’s meals at Flo’s V8 Café in the Lightning McQueen souvenir bucket. You do pay about $5.50 extra for the bucket but it is sturdy and a fun keepsake that is not way overpriced. It is also a fun thing to take home and keep mementos of the trip or other treasures in.

Lightning is well made and will last a good long time if cared for properly. My only complaint about Lightning is the fact all the details are stickers. The eyes, lightning bolt and number are all stickers that will come off of if you put the container in water.

Because of the stickers, if you want Lightning I’d suggest you get him with the kid’s meal not the popcorn. If you get him with popcorn he will be greasy inside and you will have a hard time cleaning him up without messing up the stickers.

Another fun keepsake is the Red Car Trolley Sundae bowl you can get at Clarabelle's Hand-Scooped Ice Cream on Buena Vista Street. You get a small two scoop ice cream sundae with two chocolate chip cookies in it. It is yummy to eat and the Red Car Trolley shaped bowl you get to take home! You can get a sundae in a regular bowl for about $5 less but you don’t get the cute little bowl for home.

The Red Car Trolley bowl is made of sturdy plastic and unlike Lightning the features are painted on and should last a good long time with gentle hand washing. This would make a sweet little breakfast, snack bowl for a toddler or a nice desk piece to hold small items like paperclips.

Both cost around $12 with food. So the next time you are at the park you can check them out for yourself and decide if you want to bring Lightning or the Red Car Trolley home with you.

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