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How Do You Build Excitement for a Disney Trip?

How Do You Build Excitement for a Disney Trip?

Ok, I’m one of the lucky ones that gets to go to a Disney Park several times a month. Most of those are day trips not vacations. Occasionally I will stay at my home park for a night or two and that is a big treat. I’ve only had 2 big Disney Trips where I did not go to my “home park”.

Right now I’m looking forward to a huge Disney trip with the gang from Walt’s Basement. This trip is sooo faraway we can’t even set a date! Walt’s Basement is planning a gathering on the Disney Dream in early 2014. The plan is for the end of January beginning of February of 2014. Problem is Disney Cruise Line has not released the schedule for that time. We will have to wait until the end of this year for a preliminary schedule, and that can be changed.

With a trip that far away it is easy to just put it to the back of the mind and forget it. Why worry or work on something that is 18 months or so in the future? You have time right? Yes and No. Disney trips are expensive, as we all know. It takes time to save up the money for a trip like this. It also takes time and money to get any little fun things you wish to take on the trip.

So what do you do while you are waiting? It is never too early to start dreaming about your trip. It is always time to look at the entertainment and dining options and start thinking about what you would want to do. Will you do what you did on past trips or do something different? Will you skip that must go to restaurant and go try a new one or must you go there or “ruin” the trip.

This looking ahead is even more important if you have never gone to the Disney Destination you are going to before. If it is a park check out the rides and shows and start thinking about what is a must do for each person and what may not be appropriate for some members. If it is the cruise there is the Fish Extender to consider. Do you join a Fish Extender group or skip it? If you join making the goodies takes time and money. Will decorate your door or leave it neutral? If you decorate you need to make your magnets! (No tape allowed.) Check out the Port and Shipboard Adventures and talk about which ones you might want to do.

If you have school age children you can plan on filling the trip with edutainment! This is especially good if it is during the school year. On a cruise you can choose a tour that tells the history of one of the places you visit. Your child can map your trip and write a report before you go about the places you will visit. This is a double bit of fun as it builds excitement for where you will be going and gives you an idea about the area. If it is WDW pick a country in EPCOT and do a report on it. If DLR do a report on California or maybe the history of rollercoasters! (Hint, The Matterhorn was the first tubular steel rollercoaster.)

Maybe you need to make physical goals for yourself. Lose weight, build endurance for long walks or if you are nuts like my husband and I learn to dance! So no matter how long you have to go before your next Disney trip there is always something to do!

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