Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Disney California Adventure 2.0

Disney California Adventure 2.0

DCA has undergone amazing changes over the last five years. From retheming of existing rides and the entrance area to the removal of two rides and the addition of a new one. The Maliboomer and The Golden Dream are gone and Ariel’s Undersea Adventure has taken over the Golden Dream location. World of Color added a nighttime spectacle to keep you into the evening. ElecTronica and now the new Mad Hatter’s Tea Party also added to the nighttime fun. More new daytime shows/entertainment were added to the schedule with Minnie’s Fly School, The Five and Dime show, The Red Car News Boys, Goofy’s Instant Concert Just Add Water along with the bands at the Paradise Gardens Band Stand. Add to the changes the total and retheming of the entrance area to Buena Vista Street from Sunshine Plaza and the addition of Cars Land and it is an amazing transformation. Was it worth the money and the time it took to do it? Did the changes significantly add to the quality of entertainment and add a draw to pull guests in? I say YES!!!

DCA was a part time park. It was a place to go when Disneyland was full, you wanted something a little different for a short time or there was a specific show/ride you wanted to see. Over all the majority of people did not spend more than a few hours in a day there. You could easily see all the highlights and a few of the low spots in one day with a couple of hours to spare to go over to Disneyland.

So is it worth the money to spend a day at DCA? I say YES!! Now DCA has plenty for you to do. The entire park has an overall unifying theme. You are pulled back to the 1920s and into the 1940s depending on where in the park you go. Some areas drift into the 1950s-1960s but still with a touch of the older eras. The Disney Characters that we all know and love are all over the park and in keeping with the theme of the area they are in.

There are more shows and events to see from street jazz shows that just “pop up” on Buena Vista Street to Goofy next to the water directing a concert and water show. The bands of Paradise Gardens are amazing and if you get a chance stop in to listen to the Ellis Island Boys or Sligo Rags! They are just two of the bands that play there. Minnie has her show in Condor Flats across from Soarin’ Over California. There is also some country music near the entrance to Grizzly River Run.

The all new land of DCA, Cars Land is a place out of time. To walk into Cars Land is to walk into Radiator Springs of the movie Cars. The theming if the area is fantastic and the details will take your breath away. The rids are just as good and too much fun to miss. Come on and take a trip down Rout 66.

All of this has been done in the last five years. Over the last five years during construction of all of this I would mostly skip DCA. Now that it is finished I enjoy going there. In fact I spend more time exploring all the new things at DCA right now than I do going DL.

I give DCA 2.0 a huge thumbs up, honk of the horn and I’ll be. It is a place to enjoy all day and late into the night riding rides and seeing shows that will captivate your heart and keep you smiling for days after you go.

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