Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Talking Mickey and Minnie

Talking Mickey and Minnie

Mickey & Minnie Talk, Sing and Dance!

During Minnie’s Fly Girls Minnie comes out and sings and dances with her flight attendants on the stage set up in front of the Fly N Buy! What a wonderful experience to see Minnie come strolling up to the stage singing as she goes! She joins her flight attendants and ground crew singing some songs with a 1940s feel. She is dressed up in her red flight suit ready to fly!

Mickey joins the Red Car News Boys for their show in front of the Carthay Circle. He sings and dances with the News Boys talking and singing about optimism and happiness. Mickey is dressed as a 1920s News Boy.

What is different about these Mickey and Minnie is their mouth and eyes move. There is more expression and the lips move in sync to the spoken or sung words. This brings an added dimension of realism to the performance. It can also conversely be a little freaky.

I think is sometimes seems freaky because we are not use to seeing Mickey or Minnie’s mouth move when you see them in real life. I think it will time to get use to but it will be worth it in the long run.

One thing is after the performance at Minnie’s Fly School Minnie will come over to her plane to sign autographs and photo ops. By the time she gets over to you she is “tired” and does not talk directly to guests.

Mickey rides off on the Red Car Trolley so he does not stop and greet the guests.

I hope someday we will be allowed to chat with Mickey and Minnie as we do with the face characters such as Cinderella, Snow White or the other princesses. I’m not sure the technology is up to working fast enough to keep up with an unscripted conversation with a guest.

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