Sunday, July 8, 2012

Doing Disney with Allergies

Doing Disney with Allergies
Stay cool this afternoon with a sundae from Clarabelle's Ice Cream. All aboard!

I know I’ve mentioned how wonderful Disney is with allergies on the cruise but what about the parks? Well they are just as good, but only if you tell them. On a recent trip to the Disneyland Resort we stopped in two places for ice cream and had two totally different responses to allergies to nuts.

At Clarabelle’s we ordered a sundae and made sure we said no nuts because both my husband and I are allergic. Our order took longer than our friends without allergies due to a mix-up behind the counter; everybody thought someone else had made the sundae. Once it was realized he had not been served they quickly made our sundae. As requested there were no nuts on the Sunday and we enjoyed it immensely. At Ghirardelli my husband ordered a chocolate shake and did not mention his nut allergy. He thought he did not need to because nuts are not a normal part of a shake. For some strange reason there were several small walnut pieces in the bottom of his shake! He did not find them until he was almost finished. Fortunately he did not swallow or bite any of the nuts.

The moral to this story is if you have an allergy make sure you tell the person taking your order. Disney has special stations with designated machines and supplies for making items for people with allergies. When you are having sundae or shake they have a special counter, designated scoops, segregated supplies, and required machinery just for making items free of allergy causing items.

Disney does take guest safety very seriously and that includes making foods that are safe for people with allergies. They can’t do that if you do not tell them of your allergy. It does not matter if you item does not usually have nuts let them know if it is being made in a location where other items with nuts are being made. Because accidents do happen and a little bit of nuts can get in you need to let them know so they can make sure you are protected.

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