Sunday, October 9, 2011

Toontown Fun

Toontown Fun

        Toontown is the part of Disneyland that the Disney Toons call home. In the area you will find Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck and Chip and Dales homes. You will also find Gadget Go Coaster and Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin.

        The idea for this area comes from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This film shows that animated characters, Toons can and do live as we do and they have their own little "town" that is designed and holds to the physical laws of cartoons.

        This entire area is filled with little surprises. There is a manhole cover in front of the Gag Shop. If you step on the manhole cover it talks to you! Push the doorbell on the "Camera Shop" and the window in the door that looks like a film lens has a shutter that closes and opens as if it is taking a picture.

         Step inside the "Toontown Post Office" and see the Toons Post Office Boxes. Turn the lock dials and hear the owner of the PO Box talk! Try to drop a letter in the Mail Box outside the Post Office! You will have a fun time listening to what the mail box has to say! Take your picture in the Toontown Jail with it rubber bars. There is an old fashion explosive detonator next to the Fireworks Factory. Don't be afraid to play with it! The worse thing that can happen is you BLOW UP the Fireworks Factory! LOL

        Around Toontown don't be afraid to try to open any and all closed doors. Go up to the electrical plant and try to open the door and you may hear the buzz of electricity. Open the boxes marked for delivery to the Gag Shop and hear what is inside! There are many interactive things in Toontown.

        You can stop in Minnie Mouse's house and look around. She may even be home and you can say hi and get your picture taken. Mickey's house is next door. Go ahead and visit, his door is always open. Walk through his house and head on over to Mickey's Movie Barn. Mickey is often there remaking some of his classic movies and during breaks he will be glad to visit with you in his dressing room and will even pose for pictures.

        Goofy and Donald live right across the way from Mickey and Minnie. Goofy's house use to be a bounce house but now it is just a play area. Donald lives on his boat, the Miss Daisy. Go ahead and visit and don't be afraid to toot his ships horn when you are on Donald's boat!

        There are some quick service food locations in Toontown for a snack or light lunch.

        During the holidays each "shop" has decorations that are inspired by that location. The post office has garland with letters and postage. The Firehouse has stuffed Dalmatians and firehydrants. You may even see Santa Goofy on his chair listening to children's wishes in the Toontown Band Stand.

        Over all this is a great area to take your younger kids and let them run around. It is also a fantastic place to go to make sure you get your picture taken with your favorite toon.

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