Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Main Street Candy Palace & Candy Kitchen

Main Street

Candy Palace & Candy Kitchen

        The Candy Palace has been selling handmade sweet treats made in the Candy Kitchen since opening day of Disneyland. It is a Main Street tradition for many guests. Many can't call it a day at Disneyland without stopping in and finding a sweet treat. You will find many sweet treats from Salt Water Taffy to Toffee of all kinds along with Disney character Candy Apples.

        When Walt Disney was designing Main Street he wanted it to have many of the fun shops that adults remember from their childhood and kids love. Well, who does not love a good piece of candy? What is more fun that watching that candy being made right in front of you! That is what happens at the Candy Palace and Kitchen.

        There are vents in the Gibson Girl and Candy Kitchen that are designed to blow the scents from the shops onto Main Street. This was Walt Disney's idea to add to the richness of the experience and make it seem more "real". Most of the year these vents blew vanilla and during the holiday season they blew mint. There are various reports saying about these vents still working. I've seen reports that say the fans have been broken for years. I will be honest and say it's been a long time since I've smelled the vanilla and mint.

        Through out the year the Kitchen makes candy to celebrate every holiday and season. You are always welcome to stop and watch the candy makers at work. They make various recipes through the year. Some things are made more often than others. To find out what is on the menu for the week call (714) 781-0112. The recording is updated every Sunday.
Disneyland candy makers Chris Thompson, left, and Brian Odell, right, roll out striped strips of sugar to form candy canes at Candy Palace in December 2008.

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