Thursday, October 20, 2011

Excitement Builds for Disney Holiday Fun

Excitement Builds for Disney Holiday Fun

        I love Disneyland during the Holidays. I love the sights, smells and sounds around the parks. It is a totally immersive experience.

        Soon, walking down Main Street you will see a 60 foot tall real pine tree decorated for Christmas. The sight of the tree can take your breath away and the smell fills the area reminding you it is time for the holidays. Mixing in with the smell of the tree is the scent of gingerbread. When you walk past the Candy Kitchen you smell the special holiday goodies they are making. As you stroll down the street you will also hear Christmas Carols playing. The Dapper Dans and the Ragtime Piano Player also do special holiday sets of music. Extra lights are placed on the buildings and holiday displays are placed in the windows.

        In October they change the Haunted Mansion to the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay. The outside is a mix of Halloween and Christmas decorations. The inside is a mix of the two holidays and Scary Carols play as you travel in your doom buggy around Jack's dream holiday. In the Ballroom of the Mansion there is a large Gingerbread House. You can smell it as you go past in your doom buggy. The rest of New Orleans Square is filled with the Christmas and every balcony and window is covered with Christmas decorations. Christmas Music fills the area.

        Fantasyland does something special with the Storybook Boats. All of the little houses are decorated for the holidays. There are small Christmas trees, little gifts and small poinsettias are on the porches and in the docked boats. Small World becomes Small World Holiday with an entire Holiday overlay. Each area shows special traditions from that country.

        On Big Thunder Trail you will find Santa's Reindeer Romp. Here you can see Santa's Reindeer. You can learn about Reindeer. Santa and Mrs. Claus will be there for pictures. There are many of Santa's helpers there to show you crafts and there is a little show.

        ToonTown is amazingly decorated. Each "shop" real or not is decorated fitting with what the shop sells. In truth this is one of my favorite areas to go and look at the decorations. It is so creative.

        Disneyland is one of the most magical and romantic places to spend time during the holidays. Main Street is such a wonderful place to stroll. All the lights, music and scents make to extra special.

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