Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween at Disneyland

Halloween at Disneyland

          The Halloween fun starts at the parking structure tram waiting area. You will see signs letting you know that the Disney Villains have taken over the park!! As you ride the tram to the DownTown Disney Tram Stop you see your favorite Classic Disney Characters dressed up in their Halloween costumes and ghostly spirits playing around them.

          The gates to the park are festooned with Jack-o'-Lanterns shaped like everybody's favorite Disney Characters. This is a fun and happy welcome to the park. Once inside there is Mickey in flowers with his Halloween mask on. From the entrance all the way down Main Street USA the light posts are adorned with orange and white bunting with a Mickey Jack-o'-Lantern at the top below the light. There is a giant Mickey Jack-o'-Lantern in the Town Square where you can get your picture taken. All the shop windows are dressed in there fall best and jack-o-lanterns are all over the place. Special treats are available from Jack Skellington candy apples to Mickey jack-o'-lantern cookies. Frontierland and New Orleans Square also take on the fall colors and Halloween feel with jack-o'-lanterns.

          Disneyland has several special and fun things going on during Halloween. Two major rides have holiday overlays. The Haunted Mansion has the Nightmare Before Christmas Holiday overlay. This brings Halloween and Christmas together is an amazing comic clash of fun. Space Mountain is taken over by a Ghost and becomes Ghost Galaxy. This is not for the faint of heart or the easily scared little ones!

          If you ever get the chance to see Disneyland at Halloween I suggest you do. You can have plenty of fun without going to MNSSHP!

          I am sad that they decided to stop showing the Halloween Screams Fireworks on general admission nights. It is now only shown on MNSSHP nights for an extra charge. When MNSSHP moved from DCA to DL during the construction of WoC and the major renovation of the park the decision was made to stop showing the special fireworks on none party nights.

          So for those of you who would love to see what Disneyland's Halloween Screams Fireworks are like here they are:

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