Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Disneyland's Frontierland


        Frontierland is often looked at as a walk through with not much to do there. WAIT!! Slow down and look around! This area has had some of the most extensive changes in the park.

        When Frontierland first opened there was a mule ride through the Painted Desert. There was a stage coach and train ride as well. There was also an Indian Village where you could do Friendship Dances with the Indians. All of these are long gone.

        Check out the flag raised high above the entrance. How many stars are on that flag? It is a 13 star flag. Look at the gateway as you walk in. It is the classic western fortress style meant to protect the inhabitance from hostile attack. Turn around and look back at the wall. It is a raised platform to look out for danger and to fight from. Check out the ground. It looks like packed dirt but it is not. You will see wagon tracts and the hoof prints of horses.

        As you go further in you see a raised wooden "sidewalks". This is how townsfolk, especially the ladies would walk around and not have to walk in the muddy streets. There is the shooting gallery, designed similar to "traveling carnival" games of skill of that era.

        As you walk on through toward the dock were the Mark Twain and Sailing Ship Columbia board guests you will smell wonderful Mexican and BBQ style foods being cooked. At the end of the street three is the Golden Horseshoe Saloon where you can catch a fun and relaxing show while having a snack or enjoying lunch. If you don't catch the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies you may see Laughing Stock or Farley the Fiddler out on the streets of Frontierland as well as in the Golden Horseshoe. You will also see several shops in the area. A general shop that has the usual Disneyland goodies, a clothing shop and Wagons Ho pin shop.

        The biggest thrill and biggest ride in Frontierland is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. As you wait in line for the ride look around and notice the mining equipment laying around. Those are real antiques not made up items. I've seen some of those same items lying around the ghost town of Bodie California. Across the walkway, called Big Thunder Trail that leads to Fantasyland from Big Thunder Railroad you will see a smashed up train track going into a cave in the hillside. This track is what is left of the Painted Desert Train Ride track.

        Taking a walk through Frontierland is like taking a walk back in history. It is fun and interesting if you will just open your eyes and look around.

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