Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kingdom Keepers

Kingdom Keepers
        Ok for you that don't know what I'm talking about it is a series of books by Ridley Pearson. At this time there are four books in the series with more on the way. Book five is in the planning stage according to some tweets by Ridley. It may be called Shell Game and take place on the Disney Dream Cruise ship. It has a tentative release date of April 2012.

        The Kingdom Keepers are five kids that Disney hired to "act" so their images could be turned into holograms (Disney Host Interactive or Daylight Holographic Image aka DHI) to guide guests through the Magic Kingdom. In the first book the hope was the idea would be liked and it would be spread to other parks.
        In books two and three (I'm about to start book four) others come into the group unofficially and become Kingdom Keepers. The group becomes seven kids, an old Imagineer and his adult daughter. The DHI are put into other parks and on the Disney Cruise Line.

        During their battles with the Disney evil villains they are seen by a few Disney Cast Members and guests at the parks see them. Rumors spread that the Disney Host Interactive (DHI) are fighting a battle and saving the parks somehow.

        The kids start waking up in the Magic Kingdom at night. They find out that some Disney Imagineers designed the holograms to make a bridge between the world of imagination (cartoon and park characters) and the real world. They find themselves in a battle with the evil villains.
        The Imagineers know that the battle was growing. The Imagineers could not see what the villains were up to. They needed a way to see what was going on. They needed the Kingdom Keepers!

        These books are a fast and enjoyable read that keeps you wanting to find out what is happening next. The kids are likable but real and flawed.

        Throughout the four books you get to watch the kids grow from self absorbed youth into young people that think of each other and work as a team.  You see friendships grow. It is wonderful to see these kids grow and develop. They learn to go past fears and find inner strength they did not know they had.

        There is a group of fans hoping and pushing for the books to be turned into a movie or two or three. I'm one of those who hopes one day it is made into a movie.

        So grab one of the books, find a comfy chair and enjoy a good read.
        There is also Kingdom Keepers Online!!

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