Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Main Street Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner

The Main Street Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner


      At the castle end of Main Street on the left hand side just before the Central Hub there is a little outdoor dining area that is over looked by many people. This is a fun place to take a break and rest your feet.

      The Refreshment Corner is a special spot for my husband and I. We love just sitting and talking there as we do some people watching. Its Victorian Era décor is fun to look and all the classic Coca-Cola items are a look into the past.

The Refreshment Corner offers more than just hot dogs, soda and chips along with other goodies. This is a beautifully themed outside dining area with fun entertainment during peak times. The theme of the area is late 1890’s to 1910 so walking into this area feels like you have taken a step back in time.

      There is a piano player that comes out to play Ragtime music to entertain the guests taking a break from the rides. Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter and other Disney characters can be found here playing a wacky game of Disneyland Musical Chairs with the guests to the music of the piano player.

      This is one of my favorite areas to just sit and watch people. If you are lucky enough to get one of the tables near the edge looking out onto Main Street this is a good place to watch the parades from. Do not count on getting this seat unless you get there early as many people have figured out this more comfortable seating for viewing parades.

      So next time you are at Disneyland and want to find a nice place to sit and eat a hot dog or Mickey pretzel stop at the Refreshment Corner and enjoy the music along with your food.

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