Saturday, October 29, 2011

Space Mountain Becomes Ghost Galaxy

Space Mountain Becomes Ghost Galaxy

        During the month of October Space Mountain, an inside roller coaster ride takes on a special overlay for Halloween and becomes Ghost Galaxy. This is an otherworldly ride that fits well with the Halloween scary feel. Be warned young children that might be fine with Space Mountain any other time might find this overlay overwhelming and too scary.

        By day the outside and cue of the ride is mostly unchanged. Just some of the signs have been changed or added too changing the name to Ghost Galaxy. By night you see lights changing colors and shapes on the outside of Space Mountain as the music from the ride and the roars of the "Ghost Galaxy Monster" can be heard throughout Tomorrowland.

        The ride is normally a simulated launch into space, as you go up the first lift of the gravity feed coaster you are pulled through a tube of light. Then you rocket through "space" and shoot past space stations and simulated stars and asteroids, one that looks like a giant chocolate chip cookie and is jokingly called the "Cosmic Cookie". The entire ride is synced to music played through speakers at the top of the back of your seat.

        With the Ghost Galaxy overlay you have a different lighting effect as you go up the lift hill. Once at the top of the lift and sent off into the "Ghost Galaxy" you soon realize you are not alone. You see this swirling red gas like mass that quickly changes. You see hands and a face in the red gaseous cloud and ghastly eyes look out at you. As you rocket through space the gaseous cloud chases you around always staying on the wall beside your "rocket". Its hands reach out to grab you several times and its hideous eye blinks at you. Throughout the ride eerie music plays and the monsters roars can be hears as its frustration at not catching its prey, you grows.

        I highly recommend this ride for adventurous, stout hearted souls young and old. Just make sure the younger kids understand it is Disney Magic and Mickey will make sure the Ghostly Monster will not get them.

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