Saturday, October 8, 2011

French Market Cafe ~ New Orleans Square

New Orleans Square French Market Café

       If you are looking for a place to get more than a hamburger, hot dog or turkey leg you could do worse than the French Market Café in New Orleans Square. It was one of the first places in the park you could get a reasonably priced non fast food meal. You can even get a plate of fresh fruit if you wish.

       Along with the great Cajon inspired cooking you can also find a bit of entertainment. There is a stage in the outside seating area that is home to a fantastic jazz band. You can grab a bite to eat and sit a spell and tap your feet to the beat of some great music as you feed yourself. If the restaurant is not open or not busy you can always just sit down and enjoy the view.

       While you enjoy the music and food you can also immerse yourself in the atmosphere of New Orleans. Sit and watch the people walk by. Listen to the different bands and street performers that fill the area. Enjoy watching the ships, the Mark Twain and the Sailing Ship Columba sail past. Hear the blast of the steam ships horn and don't jump with the Columba fires off its canon.

       This restaurant holds a special place in my husband and my hearts. It was at the French Market 32 years ago that my husband and I started to fall in love. It was the band at this restaurant that told us we were meant for each other. It is here we go to celebrate our anniversary and our love.

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