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Celebrating Special Days At Disney Parks

Celebrating Special Days At Disney Parks
        It's your first visit to a particular (or any) Disney Park. You're celebrating a birthday, anniversary or maybe you just got engaged and you've chosen to celebrate at Disneyland. Now a day at a Disney Park alone is a great way to celebrate. You can make it even more special and memorable. I'll be honest we usually spend all our birthdays and anniversaries at our home Disney Park, Disneyland.
        You're taking your child to a Disney Park for their birthday. What do you do when you first walk in? Head for Mickey Mouse or maybe a ride? I say no. Stop off at City Hall (Guest Relations) and have your birthday child tell them it's their birthday! Most of the time they had them the phone and a Disney Character says, "Happy Birthday" to them. They also get a button to wear that day. This is not just for the kids! Go in and get one for yourself on your birthday or make your family or friend that is celebrating get one.
        If you're celebrating the fact you just got engaged, married or are celebrating your anniversary stop in at City Hall and let them know. You will get buttons to wear to let others know you are celebrating.
        There is a special button that is hard to get, it is the Honorary Citizen of Disneyland button. It is usually given when someone does something nice for another person at the park. I lost a Duffy Bear at the park and a month later a person contacted me and said they had found it. We meet at Disneyland and I got Duffy back. I stopped at City Hall and told the Cast Member there the story of how this person went out of their way to return Duffy. They gave me a Honorary Citizen Button to give the young lady that returned Duffy.
        Now why should you get a button? Besides the fact it is fun and a free memento of the celebration it adds to the day's fun. You will get good wishes for your birthday or other celebration from other guests and Cast Members. Besides all the good wishes there is other fun that comes with the button. If you are watching a show that includes guest participation you are more likely to be called upon, just to make your day more special. When you eat as some sit down restaurants they will give you a free desert, or at least they use to. When you stop to see your favorite character they will be excited to celebrate your day with you.
        If you forget to stop at City Hall don't worry. You can always go there anytime during the day to get one. Also most cashiers around the park have them in their drawers. You can walk up to any cashier in any shop and ask for the button you wish.
        So the next time you go to a Disney Park to celebrate add to the fun by getting the button. It is a great free memento to bring home and it adds to your fun and gets you special moments.

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