Sunday, November 4, 2012

Who Is Hiding in Ariel's Under Sea Adventure?

Who Is Hiding in Ariel’s Under Sea Adventure?

I heard tell of an interesting little fish hiding in Ariel’s Under Sea Adventure at Disney California Adventure. I’ve been looking for some time for his exact location and my last trip to the park I found him!

The Imagineers wanted to pay tribute to an actor that did several Disney movies even if he was not in the Little Mermaid. Don Knotts was a great actor that did many movies and TV shows during his long career. Some were Disney such as Hot Lead and Cold Feet and the Apple Dumpling Gang.

One movie that was not Disney that Don Knotts did that made him fit into the Little Mermaid ride was the Incredible Mr. Limpet, produced by Warner Brothers that had Don Knotts turned into a fish.

Mr. Limpet is in the Under the Sea room part of the ride across from Ariel. He is hiding in the kelp against the wall. You catch a glance of him as you come up toward Ariel and before you turn to face her. If you miss him before you turn to face Ariel you will need to turn and look behind your Clam Shell Carriage to see him.

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