Monday, November 19, 2012

Cars Land ~ Seasons Speeding!

Cars Land ~ Seasons Speeding!

Since the opening of Disney California Adventure they have never decorated much for Christmas. It never reached the beauty or intensity of Disneyland. This year things have changed! The entire park is decorated to the max!

Disney went over the top with decorations in Cars Land. The decorations are themed to fit with the area. It is not just a Christmas Tree here, a star there or a string of Garland around.

Each ride, restaurant and shop has a Christmas tree. Each tree is themed to the location.

The Garland is made of ‘Air Filters’ and ‘Tires’.

They even put Santa Hat on the statue of Stanly Steamer! (It is actually an entirely new statue made just for the holidays.)

I’ve not yet had the chance to see this area at night with all the lights on but hope too soon. Keep coming back and checking and I’ll post pictures from there.

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