Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas is Coming!!!

Christmas is Coming!!

As Christmas time is just around the corner excitement builds at Disney Parks. Last month All the Halloween decorations were up. Orange and brown colored the parks with a festive fall feel. Toward the end of the month things like snow started topping Sleeping Beauties Castle at Disneyland and some Christmas decorations started to show up in New Orleans Square.

After the park closed October 31st many of the Halloween decorations on Main Street at Disneyland were removed, including the large Mickey shaped Jack-O-Lantern. Christmas decorations went up overnight to make preparations for the filming of the Christmas Parade to be shown on Christmas day. Now the parks are all red and green!

Over the last few weeks more and more decorations have gone up. Today is the official start of the Holiday Season at the Parks. The Holiday Fireworks and other festive special events will now begin in earnest! This will continue until the first weekend in January!

This is my favorite time of year at the Disneyland Resort and it is even more exciting now than ever because Disney is finally going to decorate Disney California Adventure for the Holidays! DCA has only gotten scant decorating before this! Yes, DCA had a Christmas tree but from year to year it wondered around the park and was never a central item. They did things like Santa’s Beach Party but it was never a big hit as the rest of the park being undecorated left it feeling out of place.

Having many friends on Facebook that are into the parks as I am I’ve seen pictures of DCA’s new decorations. Even Cars Land is getting into the Holiday feel! There is garland above Rout 66! It is made of lights and air filters! A tire is the center point of each garland string! Special Christmas music is playing in the area!

Buena Vista Street has its own Christmas Tree! It has Red Car Trolley ornaments and Walt’s Carolwood Barn sits below it! Unlike years past there is a nightly tree lighting ceremony as there is in Disneyland. The Buena Vista Street Business’s went all out to decorate their shops and Elias & Company has Santa in their store much like any 1920’s department store would.

I’ve not seen any of this in person yet but from the pictures I’ve seen I’m going to want to spend a lot of time in the parks this Holiday season!

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